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GH Seeds - Auto Kalashnikova

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Light Setup: 4x LED Panel Light ( Phillips ) each 30 W and 2 Dulux Twists each 23 W


Grow Medium: Soil ( the info on picture ) and Coco


Light Per Day: 18/6


Grow will be going without using any fertilizers..



Germination:   16.02.2014

                               Hour: 21:00


Seed in a Cup with Mineralwater ( watertemp. 20 c ) leave in dark place.Tomorrow next update...

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Yop man thanks for opening a new journal :) And seems like it's gonna be interesting to see how it works with mix of coco and soil without nutes. I'll be around to see how it turns as usual ;)


Have a good germination man may you have a happy grow

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My room is not so large and i have still The Big Bang already in first week of flowering after 4 weeks of REVEG.

 So i will plant only one seed yet in a 5 liter pot.


The soil and the coco mix : 4l soil and 1l maybe a little less of coco from Seramis. 


16.02.2014  HOUR: 12:00


 Kalashauto is today moved between 2 tissues (also Mineral-water) and leave in a plastic box in

 a dark place ( temp. in room 20 c ).


Soil is ready for the seedling:D Will be planting   from start to the main pot. 

More picture later...

Maybe 2 other seed i leave till may for outdoor.

17.02.2014 HOUR: 17:00

Seed is moved in a main pot.

Also i show you some picture of the Big Bang after 4 week of reveg.

Now in first week of flowering. 




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