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Hello from Colorado :)

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Hello everyone. Its great to be here, I watched the show and it brought me here .Good work guys :)

I have been growing herb for a lil over 20 yrs and I am eager to see and follow some of your grows

and watching the team go on further hunts. Happy Growin Everyone :)


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Welcome to SH forum :), lucky to live in colorado, now the cannabis situation there is better than here

It will be a pleasure to share with you experience and culture


Best regards! 

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Welcome to SH forum man!


20 years of growing is strating to be a nice time of life hehe, i hope you will have some nice memories to share with us and perhaps if we are lucky even a little plant porn from your past grows ;)

If not no worries i hope you will enjoy the place the modd and the people around here all very friendly!


If you have a problem on the board don't hesitate to ask the mod team and we'll do our best to help you out

Have a good discovering of the place

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Thanks for the warm welcome. The legalized view on herb out here is pretty awesome and the tax dollars will help a lot. I guess they made 1 million in tax dollars on the first day of recreational sales here on Jan 1. It good to see the police focusing on crime and not wasting our tax dollars busting someone for smoking some herb. 

As for pictures, I just recently got a camera that will pick up pretty decent detail. I also just received some mystic blue and bubblicious from nirvana seeds, they are soaking as we speak. Im hoping to do a grow log on both if I can figure out how to post pics :) 

I like the scientific approach I see some of you taking in terms of the grow logs. Im sure you guys will teach me a lot , even tho is has been a lil while growing and smoking Like ya said Dust, the herb is infinite in its ways , forms and growths... A passion of life that will never fully be 100 percent discovered or learned.. forever a student of the ways of the herb.

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Thanks Friend for pics, they are beautiful and well cared for, your experience is obvious :)


About uploading is very simple when done only once, it's like learning to ride a bike lol, I leave a link where I explain a very simple way:





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