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unknown black spots

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hi growers.

this is the Big Bang after 4 week of reveg.grow.Now after first week of flo.since 2 days i have  this problem with leaf s.


grow in 7 l pot. soil,perlite and coco.

under 120w led and 2 cfl bulbs 23 w each.

i dont know the ph in soil .

temp.25c day night 18-20

50 % humidity 

i have give for this plant twice some fertilizer ( Miracle grow single pack) NPK -  24- 08-16    half pack for 7 l water

now since this plant is in 12/12 i didn t give any fertilizer

the black spots where they came from? somebody knows? 



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yes could be from PH i see you say you don't know the PH of the soil but do you know the PH of the water you give?

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Hi friend, 


These leaves show a lack, either for lack of food, either as a result of some other nutrient that blocks root.

Check the pH of the irrigation water is vital. At flowering, you should water, if using land as a substrate, with 6.2-6.5 ph 
If you use coconut as substrate, should be watered with ph 6 in flowering 
Adjust the pH helps the plant to get well, all the nutrients you need. 
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