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flowers to the people

Lady Dianna's Murder not just Death

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I believe Lady Dianna's death was murder. I believe Her Majisty the Queen had no knowledge of this treachery, against the British Royal family( the House of Windsor) in 1997. 
 At this time Mohamed Fayed, whose son Dodi Fayed was also killed in the crash, claimed that Prince Philip had ordered the death of Diana and that the accident was staged. The inquest into the Princess of Wales's death concluded in 2008 that there was no evidence of a conspiracy.
How was Lady Dianna murdered by MC5, on the orders of Prince Philip?

  Given the car was being tracked by satilite, and being chased at high speed, then a subliminal phase was directed at the driver by a super computer using artificial intelligence, at the moment of maximin force and impact, and he swirved and the car hit the wall. This subliminal phase was delivered to the driver of the car, through either a  mobile phone, radio or any of  a number of other means.

  I know the system well as it has been the scorge of my life since at least1994, when Fred Nile had me placed under house arrest through this automated system of surveillance. I was studing for a BA(hons) then, and completed it in that year, although I was in a serious fire in the Cross(Crick Ave) in  which 2 people died.

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When I was in Amsterdam MC5 made a number of attempts on my life, as I left Australia in defiance of their will along with Asio. The Australian Australian SEcret Intelligence Agency has had me under house arrest through electronic survalliance. This occurred in the early 90's. Fred Nile and other politicians have interfered with every personal aspect of my life. I believe John Howard(the then Australian Prime Minister brought it in on the sly, without the support of the full Parliament) This system of survalience which is linked to the ideology of Zero Tolerance. It violates every known  democractic right, including the right to free speech, a free press, free elections, a free high court of Australia - legal, medical and consumer rights. It is an attack on the fabric of our society and the values we hold to be sacrid and true. This also involves treachey agains Her Magisty The Queen, Elizabeth the 2nd, and the House Of Windser. There is enough evidence to charge FRed Nile (and ICAC, along with the Australian Crime Commision and ASIO with the distribution and sale of child pornography, putting and selling  siezed drugs on the street, large scale corruption, murder and much more. This could not be occurring without political support at a high level -- Howard, Bishop and Abbott, you scum yeild! You will be taken to the World Court and charged with not only sedition against the people of Australia and her Magesty the Queen, Elizabeth 11, but also with crimes against humanity. Now back off sluts, maggots, your low human rats, white trash.

Asio over stepped its charter when it raided the office of a high ranking Australiian Secret  Intelligence Service and removed documents relating to the East Timor Gas Fields. You putrid human rats - you sluts ASIO

john to all at strainhunters;

They are dening me fresh water. I have been issued a licence to grow up to 25 plants, fred nile and company can not stand it - the fucked slut bitches.

420 over and out

007 or john

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Hi John, i will just ask you please do not use t much swearing in your message, you know we can comunicate on everything we want around here, just try to not do it to rudely :rabbi:   I know you are a man of word and can turn phrases into very nice things withtou using such bad words!


That beeing said, i hope all will be good for you man stay safe!

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