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So I was blessed a while back, when another grower decided to take a LONG break from growing and asked if I wanted his cab. Of course I said yes, and a week later I had a 1.4m H x 92cm W x 46cm D. Comlplete with Ballast, MH and HPS bulbs. Currently I am using a 85w cfl to veg. I would love to pop the MH or HPS in but budget just does not allow for any extra expenses. But soon I'll have my chance to give them a try.

1st up is the White Widow. New growth has just started and I'm hoping for strong and quick growth.

2nd is Kalashnikova. The cutting looks so healthy, and it seems as if new growth is about to start.

Other plants that will feature as well is Arjan Haze and and a bagseed which I dubbed Origin due to the seed being found in bud at Origin Trance Party.

My plan is to Bonsai them in the pots they are now (15 cm) and when Spring arrives I wanna put them outdoor to flower out. During the winter season, I will make extra cuttings to be flowered Indoor in this cab. Nothing like having your bread buttered on both sides. LoL. Little Indoor and Outdoor. YUMMY !!!

Love and Light




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nice man you had some nice little present i seee :)


hope they will do good and give you good flowers ;)

Have a good grow!

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Ahoya McB

Great to see you here as well. Feeling like home again. LoL

Things seems to have changes again, but they always do.

I will be selecting a few strains from what's growing and throw them in a hat and choose 2 strains. Each will go into their own 25L pot and vegged till proper size and then a screen will be intoduced to create a lovely scrog.


Love and Light


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