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New to everything! =) Hello Green World!

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Hello guys I'm just new in the world of Cannabis breeding and I'm so freaking excited! I'm from Philippines the Land of Stupid Government System, in my country Cannabis or so called Marijuana is illegal. For me I don't care but I kept it secretly. Here is my story before I got into this breeding Cannabis Industry. I have a friend who is renting in my house he is a weed user when he bought some bags of weed to use there are some seeds in it so I ask lets try to germinate this seeds, So he just throw it away  then walllah, after a week the seeds germinate and I said to my self "WOW" it's freaking amazing!!! the world stop in a single moment everything went in slow motion, lots of idea came up in my mind. I said to my self there is no turning back now these little babies need a Daddy to take care for them so I decided to go "All in" haha. I took a research for weeks about this plant I used this kind of stuff when I  was in high school but now naah I stopped, well anyway lets go back to the story when this little babies start in the seedling stage something get into my mind and telling me this will be a big bucks if I go through underground business but just last week I saw an article about medicinal cannabis so now I want to breed and breed this God's Gift that we have, to help researchers and scientist for future potential of this specimen. I'm so happy to know you guys I hope you can help me to reach my goal even though it is illegal here in my country I'll do everything to succeed. " It is not Important what you know, The Important thing is WHO you know ". 


Here is my Problem:

1. I don't know if this specimen will long last because of the temp. the humidity here is 77%

2. Why my little babies got only 3 leafs?

3. Some leafs are wilting ( my mistake is I cut them =( )

4. I don't know what kind of strains are these.

5. I want to buy seeds in Green House Co. but how since my country laws are so stupid.

6. And why are they bending?

7. I don't know when the seedling stage will end.

8. I want to set-up a hydroponic for them do you think guys it will work? since it is a semi-indoor/outdoor 


 Here are my little babies =) They are 4 weeks old now so please help me here...


Germination - week 1 (complete)
- Week 1 (complete)
Seedling Growth - Jan 30, 2014 Day 1
Seedling Growth - Jan 31, 2014 Day 2
Seedling Growth - Feb 01, 2014 Day 3
Seedling Growth - Feb 02, 2014 Day 4
Seedling Growth - Feb 03, 2014 Day 5 (Water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 04, 2014 Day 6
Seedling Growth - Feb 05, 2014 Day 7 (Water)
- Week 2 (complete)
Seedling Growth - Feb 06, 2014 Day 8
Seedling Growth - Feb 08, 2014 Day 9
Seedling Growth - Feb 09, 2014 Day 10 (Water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 10, 2014 Day 11
Seedling Growth - Feb 11, 2014 Day 12 ( Transplant + NPK 20/20/20 Fert. )
Seedling Growth - Feb 12, 2014 Day 13 (Water with NPK 20/20/20 Fert. )
Seedling Growth - Feb 13, 2014 Day 14 (Water with NPK 20/20/20 Fert. )
- Week 3 (complete)
Seedling Growth - Feb 14, 2014 Day 15 (Water with NPK 20/20/20 Fert. )
Seedling Growth - Feb 15, 2014 Day 16 (Water with NPK 20/20/20 Fert. )
Seedling Growth - Feb 16, 2014 Day 17 (water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 17, 2014 Day 18 (cutting of some leaves)
Seedling Growth - Feb 18, 2014 Day 19 (water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 19, 2014 Day 20 (water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 20, 2014 Day 21 (Water)
- Week 4
Seedling Growth - Feb 21, 2014 Day 22 (water)
Seedling Growth - Feb 22, 2014 Day 23 (water)








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Hello man welcome on SH forum :)


Glad to see some Philipinnes people come out of the dark, it is true it is one of the hardest country on Cannabis, but i'm happy to see the culuture stil manage to survive in the heart of people over there!

Thanks for sharingy our little plants as well, don't hesitate to open a grow journal fro them in the "grow journal for all medium room" we will be glad to follow it :)


For your plants, it is normal to have 3 blades fo the moment, when the plant is young she first comes with 1 bladed leaves, then 3 then 5 and on and on up to 19 sometimes in rare cases ^^ most of the time it stops around 9 or 11, and some strain when they go to flowering swith back to 3 bladed leaves, but this doesn't happens often :)


If you have any problem on the forum during your stay don't hesitat to contact the mod team and we'll od our best to help you out.

Have a good discovering of the place

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  1. Humidity is ok if they are in the growth period(vegging)
  2. Not sure, some plants can for many reasons show 3 leafs but in the end they will be as great as a 5 leaf
  3. Could be as simple as over watering as i see the soil is wet
  4. So hard if not almost impossible to guess the strain. Best you can do is knowing if it is a Sativa, Indica or a hybrid by looking at the leafs
  5. Most countries has stupid laws about seeds. Some countries have extra security from countries that is Cannabis friendly. One good thing to think about is, Never to send mail to the place where the grow is located or in your own name(if you are the grower). Second, order from a lesser risk country such as England or a country that is not as high a risk(like spain, holland, canada and so on). Seed companies usually send pretty discrete packages.
  6. It could be as simple that they are looking for sun, is that side they are turning towards the "sunny" side?
  7. Seedling stage ends when they are a little bit bigger and form more roots and that should be very soon for you if not now(4 weeks is well over the time).
  8. I think you should wait with the hydro and just do a soil grow.

All in all they are nice, cut back on watering just a little and then let time take care of them and show you what they want.

Good luck brother 

EDIT: Forgot to say welcome to the forum


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Thanks Guys, I just wondering what set-up can I do? Since this is a tropical country the humidity is not stable so it is hard to breed cannabis here in Philippines unless I live in the mountain. I want to grow real organic ones. without fertilizers oh I used a coal as my fertilizer and used mix soil for vegetables use and a balance fertilizer for vegetables saying 20-20-20, the pictures above are the result. what can you say about the mix soils how will I put water on them I mean daily or every other day? I watered them in the morning when I woke up around 6:00 am. ( shit I don't know what will I ask you guys because I got lots of questions since this is my first time ) I don't know where to start I'm so excited haha Oh I think they get a 80%-90% of light everyday because every morning when I wake up I arrange them so the light of the sun can hit them when it hits 5:30 pm I put them  where my lights can hit them. I want to create a lightning system for them so it is like a 50%- Indoor 50%- Outdoor geeeez this is hard for me because what if they grew with bigger pots so I will move them daily LOL. Uhm One-more thing guys I think they are males but I still continue this one since I'm still in the experimental stage. My goal for now is to make this specimen breed-able here in my location so if this thing become successful I'll go full swing in this project of mine. Ok so this is my few questions for now for a head start.   


1. What do you guys prefer organic soil or hydro? (and why)

2. What set-up can I do to grow this plant secretly?

3. What equipment's do I need for starters?


Thanks Guys for the time for viewing this thread peace man!

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  1. It depends on what you like. Both got plus and minus and both are worth looking in to. Most growers starts with soil and i think that is the best way to start. It´s a good way to see, smell and taste the plant as it should be(as nature intended, close anyway). Hydro weed(according to me) do not taste as rich but sure gives you more back on a regular time frame.
  2. Any setup indoors that is proper built and got a good ventilation with carbon filter/s.
  3. "Make it simple, it´s just a weed" is a good thing to keep in mind. They do not need much.

    Soil(good blend), lamp, pots, fan, temp meter, good ventilation, nutrition and clean water. That´s about it. I make it sound simple but it sort of is. You can also invest in a water-can and the usual garden stuff.


Watering is actually an art to master. Even seasoned growers make watering mistakes. Most of the time new growers water to much and drown the plants. Water when they need to. Human, animals or plants alike do not like to be overfeed or have to much water. It´s a fine balance. When i´m unsure i water them with the amount i think is good(depending on the pots). When the leafs start do drop lightly(after a few day´s) i water them some more. Or stick a finger in the soil until you learn the right amount. If the soil is wet a few cm down you do not have to water. Some people lift their pots and tries to measure the weight but i have always consider that to much work.

Coal is not really a fertilizer but it does have some NPK value. I use coal/ash for keeping the soil in a better shape and soil value. It´s a nice thing to mix in for sure. Wormcasting is such a nice "tool" soft and organic and the plants love it. Throw in 20% perlite or so(% is different from grower to grower depending on what that grower wants)

Soil recipes are plenty all over internet and it´s easy to google. 

Growing males are fine and well but it takes time to grow a plant to finish, would it not be better to start the grow with some real seeds and try to go for girls while you are at it? Would save you a lot of time.

Im sure we have many growers in this forum that can give you a lot of help. Im not logged in regularly so sometimes my answers can be slow.    

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Guano is also the growers best friend. You got Guano for both veg and bloom. I only use it to make Guano tea. One of the best organic things you can use. I even used only that for many grows. No nutes or extra ferts, just a good soil and guano tea :)

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Welcome to the forum friend, 


This room is only for presentation, but no matter, the important thing is to help resolve your problem. 


Colleagues and have indicated the steps, I'm sure everything will be fine! 



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