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Rusty Rivers

Hello from Sweden

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I am 28 years old from Sweden. I have been smoking for 14 yeras both recreational and for medical use (I have ADHD and cannabis calm me down so that my thoughts aren't all over 24/7).

My favourite city in the world is Amsterdam and I hope to go there many times even after it's legal in Europe.

Om Namah Shivaya


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Welcome on SH forum man!


Hope you will enjoy the place and feel like home in here! We have many awesome threads and Reports from our members and a very friendly comunity :)

If you have some plants growing don't hesitate to share them with us, or just enjoy what you will see ;)


If you have a problem on the forum don't hesitate to contact the mod/team and we'll do our best to help you out

Have a good discovering of the place

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Hi Rios!



Welcome to SH forum bro ;)


AH3 its fruity taste and not very strong thc level is ideal for smoking throughout the day without falling I trimmers. A good choice friend;)



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Thanks Jose, I have some other strains I plan to grow as well. I might do for example 3 plants sativa dominant, and 3 plants indica dominant in one harvest. For example, Hindu Kush & Trianwreck, Lemon OG & Durban Poison etc. I would also love to hybridize a few strains, for example: Maui Wowie x Super Lemon Haze. But this is all future plans. I have to start with the AH3 :)

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Wow, I see you have good choice buddy!


I love too Hindu Kush, if grown organic and gives a many months of curing, provides a remarkable feeling of relaxation, amazing.

Super Lemon Haze mussa is my, my number one. Nothing on the planet I like more :D


His crosses sound really interesting, I have wanted to see results, tastes, smells .... 
Thanks for sharing friend!
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