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Hi all, new to forum and new to growing. I've recently invested in some seeds (greenhouse co.) which lead me to this site! I was considering documenting what I do and sharing on here with the hope of some advice? Any help would be awesome :)


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Welcome to the forum friend, 



Of course, here we will help in any way we can :) 


You should just create a thread / post again in the room he sees fit and look like their doubts are resolved. 




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Thanks for the welcome, I didn't really understand the third line; which area do I post an amateur journal? 

Ps, the seeds I began to germinate have grown about 10mm taproot so ive put them into rockwool cubes now and just left in tupperware. Should i have the lights on it at this stage?

Thanks :)

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Hi man welcome on SH forum!


glad to read you already some seeds ready at home and i hope you will have a great grow with them, and of course if you need any help you will see here is a great place to get start and develop your knowledge :)

And if on the side of this we have a nice journal, then it's bonus for everyone ;) so i hope you will have some good times around here and with the people!


for the Journals it is in the "grow journal for all medium" room :) And for your plant as long as the first st of leaves are nto out of the soil you don't need light on  them :) if they are indark and hidden from the light you can still put the light it helps to jkeep it warm, just make sure it doesn't go in direct contact with the root.


If you have a problem or question about the forum don't hesitate to ask the mod team and we'll do our best to help you out

Have a good dsicovering of the place

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Hi dust thanks for your reply, I actually tried to post a journal with images but when I hit post it came up with the message "sorry sibot2008, to post links on this site you must have 5 posts" yet I didn't post any links :S anyway I then went on to write a few posts until I had 6 in total and tried to post again; I received the same message. Could you tell me what the problem is? it said my post had been saved but I can't see it within my profile anywhere.

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G'day Sibot, welcome to the forum mate, im looking forward to seeing your post on your GHS grows..


peace out Bushy

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did you use some smileys in your message? It seems sometimes the forum consider the smileys as a link and can block the message until you have 10 message. or if you used some external links for your pictures it can do this as well, did you upload on the website like on here? http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/3217-insert-images-and-videos-in-new-forum/


Have a good day

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I did post quite a few smileys actually, ill try again without them! And with regards to the images I uploaded them via the uploader at the bottom of the text box. Is it cool to be uploading this sort of thing if you're in a country where its illegal?

thanks :)

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