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indoor temperatures for flowering

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hi all

was wondering what is the temp you have during flowering?

i on a norm have 75-79 during lights on and 59-62 when lights off

i read that coo;er night times are the way to go

just trying to get some input and learn



stay green

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The optimal temperature in the books is said to be 24° during the day, and more or less 18°C during the night time, in the night the do like a little cooler air if you can do it, and with a gp of more than 10° between your day temps and night temps you have chances to get some nice colors on your girls, but it could also slow them a little if the diference iis too big or too cold.


good luck man ;)

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Anything from 24-29 is in the range of not slowing groth down ;)

If u have a Strain who will maybe Purple then u should keep it at 24degrees period.

At 30degrees celsius the Plant will metabolize uo to 60% slower and from 32 degrees on it normaly is in survive only mode and the metabolizem of Cannabinoids gets shut down completly.

That beeing sayd, allways remember theese are rules of Thumband not valid for any Strain but will lead u to best results with the averange Strain :)



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