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breaking into the industry

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hello everyone.

great to finally find a forum of enthusiast with the same level of passion for cannibus as I do. I currently reside in the us, and im looking to break into the industry. I would love to learn from and work with the king and the rest of the greenhouse family but I know that might be a long shot. I would have to put in some serious work to reach that level. right now, im really looking for a place to learn and perfect my grow skills. I do have experience and continue to educate myself but I really would like a place to call home... someplace to be mentored and shown the ropes. I understand this is probably a common request. everybody trying to hop on the wagon and such but I really do think growing is my calling. any and all constructive advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Hi Eden, 



Welcome to Strain Hunters forums friend :)


You can send your CV to shop@ghsctrading.com, there the HR team evaluates the CV and when the company needs to expand personal, it's positive have your CV here.



Enjoy of forum bro! ;)

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Welcome on SH forum!


For sure if you are looking for nice infos it is the place to be ;) And i hopep you will as well share some of your infos with us if you don't see them mentionned on here, this is how it builds up nicely with the knowledges of everybody :)

We have a nice chat with always somebody to talk, most of the time at least :P and don't be afraid if you see numbers going down, it's not a bomb or new year's eve, it's just a smoke going on so roll faaast ;)


If you have a problem on the forum don't hesitate to ask the mod team and we'll do our best to hellp you out

Have a good discovering of the place

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