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ive always wondered if north korea had any strains hiding from the rest of us. seeing as tourism in the country is almost non existent and trade is limited. but I know cannibus is everywhere, including korea. if Dennis Rodman can get in im sure green house can work something out. at the very least it would make for an interesting hunt. what you guys think?

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Hello friend, 


It is an interesting option for the future. Add it to the list of possible destinations SH! 


Greetings and thanks for comment :)

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Totally. North Korea is probably one of the most isolated places on earth with a weed culture or so I have heard. The cannabis there should be landrace material I think. I actually joined this site pretty much to sugest this. Good to know there are others who concur.

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There are so many destinations to visit ..... perfect working very hard organizing each of them, but I think with time and patience, we can all enjoy   :)

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I bet they have some really nice IBL Asian Sativa plants. But I also think that N Korea has some draconian weed laws so the culture may be non-existent.

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