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Greetings from South Africa

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Hi All

Another grower coming to you from South Africa.

I was referred here by Reaf and have been threatening to join for a few months,just never finding the time.

So far the forum looks great and i hope to learn and contribute plenty.


I have been growing predominantly autoflower strains due to time and space constraints but have decided to try my hand at Photoperiod strains once again.

Who better than SHS to provide the inspiration:

I currently have a White Lemon and a Damnesia seed germinating,sorely tempted to add a Money maker and Big tooth to  finish up the micro mom cab.

I will aslo be getting my hands on a white strawberry skunk cutting or two soon,which will be vegged for a week or two and slammed into flower.

I grow predominanlty in organic soil mixes,but have experience with soiless and dwc growing as well.

i will also be trying my hand at autopots in the coming weeks(possibly with the wss,thinking multipot scrog)


Cab wise i run 2x micro cabs for veg,1 for seedlings and clones and 1 destined to be a micro mom cab.

Both run 65w daylight cfl's on a 18/6 schedule

For flower i will be using an apollo 8 270w led panel,supplemented by a 250w HPS.


well that about sums it up,hope to post a grow log in the next few days when the seeds break ground

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Hi man welcome on SH forum :)


glad you finally found some time to join us and thanks to Reaf :) I hope you will enjoy the place and show us some nice contribution very soon :)

If you have a problem on the board don't hesitate to contact one of the mod team and we'll help you out!


Have a good discovering of the place and good luck with your Damn and WL :) 2 amazing smokes ;)

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I found the issue,didnt like a smiley i had added?

wierd,but sorted now.

thanks for the assistance @Dust

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Yes the forum sometimes consider the smileys like links :rabbi:   Good to hear it's all solved ;)



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Welcome to Strain Hunters Forum friend ;)


You have made excellent choices,White Lemon and White Strawberry Skunk are my favorite too, great effect and incredible flavor. 
Damnesia is a great sativa, you can choose to enjoy as ever! 
We will be very happy to see their cultures and share experiences! 
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Welcome :) its about time you joined and very glad to finally see some photo periods going again :)



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Good to be here Reaf,autos are cool,but i want to grow something i can mess with a little.

i missed advanced training techniques growing auto's as they tend to stunt if messed with too much,photo's leave a little room for experiementation.

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