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Greetings I'm goingtothem00n

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Hello everyone,I am excited to finally have found this wonderful site. I have been following the work of arjan and franco (forgive my spelling errors on either name) for a while. I have been enjoying the learning process of growing for about 3 years and I feel like it would be impossible to obtain all knowledge about this amazing plant, but I'm certainly going to try and what I learn I want to teach. I have the dream of one day becoming a reputable breeder to share my own variations of cannabis to the world.


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Welcome on SH forum man!


There was no mistake in the spelling of the names ;) all perfect, and i'm glad you found the place as well! Hope you will enjoy it as much as the expeditions ;) and share with us some nice tips and grows you have came along during those 3 years :)

If you have a problem on the board during your stay don't hesitate to ask the mod team and we'll do our best to help you out.


Have a good discovering of the place

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Thanks! I will be starting a new grow shortly. First and foremost is the planning stage. I find its key in every grow. My intention is to grow the kalishnikova strain this time. A few questions... 1) in the ghs youtube channel they did a nice job on demonstration if that strain, I couldn't find the information on what soil they used or what nutrients were involved. Usually I run happy frog soil mixed with the Grey bag of promix at a ratio of 3 scoops happy frog to 1 scoop promix and the the go box from general hydroponics all in 5 gallon buckets.

2) I normally run a ph of 7 all the way through. Why do the guys at gh run the pH in the range of 5.0 -6?

3) was there a significant increase in yield for this strain when grown outdoors or the lab test pretty much the max that this specific strain can produce?


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Welcome to Strain Hunters forum bro ;)


3 years is a good experience, surely you can share and learn about this great plant, with fellow forum. 
We hope to see their crosses, and help each other. 
Big shout!
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