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From Australia

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Long time smoker but fairly new grower well I have been growing indoors for almost one year and I love it. So much to learn but iam getting there. I dont have any strain hunters striains as yet but I am sure that will change asap.

Happy to be here to learn and share some more as in Australia we growers generally keep a real low profile so its awesome to join a like minded community.

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G'day Logan, nice to have you here and a warm welcome to the forum, there are a few Aussie's in here and a really nice group of very friendly people always helpfull.


peace out Bushy

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Welcome,what landrace or old school strains are prevolent in Aus.

In Sa we have durban poison,swazi,malawi gold etc...would be interesting to compare the differences in climate vs the well settled local strains

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welcome on SH forum man!


we indeed have a few members from australia but not that much if you consider the size of it, and the amount of smoker on the island ^^ but anyway i'm glad you found your way around here ;) Hope you will enjoy and continue to learn many things about growing, and maybe teach us a few things who knows!

If you have a problem on the forum don't hesitate to contact the mod team and we'll do our best to help you out.


Have a good discovering of the place

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Welcome to Strain Hunters friend, 



Beautiful mainland Australia, which are the most common varieties there? 
We hope you enjoy the forum and can share experiences! 
Greetings! ;)
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G'day all and thank you for a very warm welcome.

I have recently sprouted some seeds that I got from a mate of mine that he says he has been growing for 20 years and he got it from an old timer who had been growing it since the early 70's so it could well be the Aussie landrace.

Both the seedlings have been turned to flower and I will monster cropping it in a week or so.

Popular strains here in Victoria are Skunk #1, Big bud, Northern Lights no 5, AK-47,Blue Dream to name a few.

I am currently growing Blue hash, thunder bud, my aussie landrace and yet to be named and a strain I dont know the of so I named it Logans Haze it is a great Sativa, smokes up awesome yet a low yeilding plant but very easy to grow.

I also have G13 Haze and Freedom 35 seeds that I will be sprouting in a few weeks.

So many strains to try out and I love the work of the strain hunters and are very keen to try the Super lemon haze and the flowerbomb kush amongst many others.

As we all kmow it's a huge learning curve when growing indoors but I have found it to be fascinating and exciting to watch my girls respond to all the tlc I give them and the more I learn the better my medicine gets.

Stay safe and bake daily....bless the weed

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eyy mate good to see another aussie  grower hobbiest ,look forward to see/hear  of your results ,im an outdoors hobby grower but I like to keep current with whats happning indoors and out ,I have few pics here of last years outdoor season ,thing are looking not to bad this season will try post some pics if all goes well ,take care man enjoy this site its pretty cool :)

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