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My mother have a general cancer I need to find a strong Indica with 20 per cent of thc and of course a lot's of CBD , do you have a good plant in your store?

Or maybye you know a place where I can buy it ?I need 500g I know it's a lot but its my mother life I need it for make some Rick Simpsons oil !!!

She need to rest ans sleep im sure you have a good Indica for that

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Hi Selim, well i would highly recommand to you to go in spin if you are in Europe for your mother, you will find over there a big quantity of Social clubs and a lot of them are doing edibles and other forms of concentrates like the Simpson oil, so your best chance to get things legally is Spain! or US if you are on amrican continent of course,


But don't ask to buy weed on the forum it is strictly forbidden by the law sorry.

All the best for your mother you will find a lot of infos about cannabinoids and cancer on the forum as well.

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My friend grow cbd skunk haze and compassion , he has been fighting cancer on and off for 7 years. He also grow really high resin producing strains so maybe have a look at GReat white shark, packs resin quickly and nice flavoured indica dominant strain. He mainly medicates via dabbing concentrates made from the flowers he grows.

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Pure Kush & Great White Shark, can be good choices, they are powerful as you want, the high THC. 


You should consult doctors for smoking cannabis clubs (in Spain for example), they can help. 


Sorry about the health problem is his mother, I wish you luck with the treatment.



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I'd say the Skunk. The holy Skunk.

Also, if you make the oil, dont use naphta or those other chemicals. Rick Simpson claims that the healing effect of cannabis outweighs the poison of the naphta, but im not so certain...

Take olive oil. CBD and THC are lipids... That means they dissolve in fat. Olive oil is fat.

Heat the buds in the olive oil, Au-bain-marie, To make sure you dont overheat it. Let the water boil for an hour and then filter out the plant material. You will be left with a super potent oil. Dont give your mom too much in the first go, because, contrary to what Rick Simpson says, It gets you high like a kite. I was counting stars for 3 hours.

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A friend of mine has the same cancer problem, very bad. Can somebody tell me a coffeeshop anywhere in Holland, preferably in the south where he can score some CBD rich weed?


Thank you


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