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McB's Damnesia,BT,MM,WSS,WL Indoor grow

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Damnesia has broken soil(3 days),and as promised,herewith my growlog of these fine strains.

I was lucky enough to be given a seed of each shs strain previously,as well as a rooted WSS cutting for my birthday yesterday

This will be my first photoperiod grow in just short of 3 years!



I'm a simple man,living 600m from the beach,so humidity is a constant 60%,no presoaking,straight to pot.

seldom use propagators,but have 2 sannies propagator's for hard to germ or sensitive seeds

Considering trying jiffy pucks after digging them out of a box,but have had humidity issues before,so may stick to whats known to work.



These will start in small seedling pots and eventually move into 3.5l square pots in an organic soil mix.

LST,topping and supercropping methods will be used to keep them under control

My intention is to veg until ready to clone,then clone into 300ml seedling cups of coco perlite or soil,depending where they are destined to flower.

Soil for outdoor,coco for autopots.



Moms will be done organically using locally available nutes

Sea secret:




Flowering in autopots will be using locally manufactured Nutriplex nutes that have been wasting away since my last dwc grow




I have been advised to add rock phosphate,turbo grow and mineral magic to my coco perlite mix,but this worries me...is this not hydro?

why partially prep for organic and then destroy the micro life with salts!?!

surely its one side or the other?experts?



The cab is one of two micro cabs,40x40x70cm,lit by a 65w daylight  or 2x 45w cool white cfl's(the latter for seedlings,better spread)

Flowering will be done in my main cab,being 100X50X150cm,under an apollo 8 spot 270w LED panel and a supplementary 250w HPS.

The clones will be done in sphagnum peat+ perlite mix in autopots(when i  figure out the correct mix) and grown using locally made nutriplex nutes.


The cutting was tier potted into into a 1l of my soil,not wanting to mess with its root system until it has acclimatised to my cab.

She will become a heavily trained mom,as will the WL and Damnesia.

These will supply my main cab with clones for flowering



That about covers it for now,will add more as the grow progresses

Have a final one or two auto rescue stragglers left that will be moved soon,where...hmmm,probably outdoor,maybe flower in cab,depends on floorspace available




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nice clean start man thanks fr opening your journal :D Looks like you have a nice program :)


I wish you all the best for this grow and will stick around to follow ;)

Have a good grow

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Thanks @Dust.
Seem to have caught myself germinating a money maker and a big tooth as mentioned in my intro thread...going to be fun running these in micro.
Decided to try the propagator with the jiffy pucks...lets see.


Looks like i may have planted the White Lemon a little shallow,she has broken soil still deeply stuck in the shell,i have covered the seedling again and will check in the morning

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Germination update:

The white lemon has broken out of its seed and is looking good



Big Tooth and Money maker popped into jiffy pucks and into the propagator



Second cab has been dusted off and is being refitted today to move auto's in there to finish,getting a bit crowded


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Hi friend!


Sounds very interesting cultivation friend, thanks for sharing. 
White lemon during flowering, tripling its size, it is interesting to control their growth, cropping or using data. 
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Thanks Jose.gh

Flower will fortunately be handled in a larger cab than the pictures,but good to note the major size increase after 12/12 flip.

The further i get into this "micro" grow the less micro it becomes,with 5 shs strains germinating or cloned i may clone for moms and flower the from seed ladies after the first batch of clones are taken.

The main cab is 100(L)X40(D)X150(h)

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New life this morning


Seedlings llooking happy,white lemon shows some signs of her seed pod struggle,but much less than if i had manually tried to free her.




And an overview


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The MM and BT have been transplanted into coco+perlite and have been given a kelpak feed to help ease the stress of the move.

i seem to have lost my seedling pots,have been planting direct to 5l for autos so long i cant find em!

WSS clone has been transplanted into a litre pot of the above clone/seeedling mix and will be moved to a 3.5l soil in a week or two

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Shuffled a a few plants and made some much needed space.

Wss cutting has been transplanted and topped.
Seedlings doing well, soil moving a bot quicker than coco perlite plants.
Still only on water and kelpak.will transplant to 1l once second set of true leaves arrive.


Micro flower cab for the 3 autos, will add another 40w warm cfl asap


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Thanks LGP

the mantids seem to gravitate towards my grow,this one landed on my tv as i was getting up tpo check temps.

They are great to keep aphids and gnats at bay,have even seen a moth or two become lunch.

The white lemon growth difference i would say is due to you planting directly to 3.6gal airpot vs me planting direct to 300ml pot.

young plants in my experience, like a smaller space as to form a denser initial rootball.

It also helps prevent overwatering as 3.6 gal of medium holds a lot more water,for a lot longer than a 300ml pot,helping with wet dry cycles for the young plants.

Have you measured light output of the cfl above your seedling,as they dont need much,and as small as 20w pumps out 45k lux at 2cm in some cases.



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adding a few updated pics

Auto rescues are chugging along,one turbo jack budding nicely after the addition of 2x20w warm cfl's


On to the grow at hand

WSS cutting has been topped and transplanted as mentioned,hasnt missed a beat,still powering on.

sorely tempted to repot into final 3.5l and be done with it,but will give it a week or so


Seedlings are doing well,a little lagging on the jiffy pellet plants,may replant to 1l soil in the next day or two


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lol...you poke where it hurts,no flower room available at the moment,budget not allowing for main cab to be switched on just yet.

auto flower cab runs 24/0,so that wont help.

will see if i can find my spare timer and set micro flower cab to 12/12 this evening

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