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PH in soil is going down rapidly - why?

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Hi there,


I just found out that the Ph in my friends soil is dropping way below 5 despite he is watering with a 6.3 solution that is good for soil. He is using PH minus from Advanced hydroponics that contains phosphorous acid. How can this happen? Is the phosphorus acid adding up in the soil?


Thanks for your ideas.....BTW he used some "dolomite lime" with calcium and magnesium in it to raise the ph in soil.



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I know it's a late reply but if anyone has the same problem and comes across this thread then it could help them out .

I've had this problem before and there are 2 ways round it

But first understanding why it's happening in the first place helps

Understand the solution method better.

When u add nuts to water the ph goes down naturally due to the acidity of the salt , plants don't take the water with all the nutrients in one go and with the evaporation that naturally happening this leaves the water with an higher ec level , even more so when you add more feed to a medium that's left a lot of salt behind ( salt build up )so naturally lowers the ph of the water.

You can flush a lot of water though the medium when you first notice a ph drop utill you have reached the desired ph (a lot of work )

Or you can try to balance it out but every other watering by upping the ph of the nutrient water to try and balance the ph out ( that I've done with grate success )

If you are using chem ferts or organics that's readily availe to plants then never use beneficial microbes , use liquid oxygen instead to keep everything clean because These microbes alter the ph of it medium to suite its needs

And makes nutrients available in a form that the plants can use , then in return the plants uses the nutrient boron to move sugers that it's made from photosynthesis down to its roots to feed the microbes , this only works when the nutrients and not readily available to the plant so in any organic or none organic nutrient where plants can uptake nutrients on there own there's no interaction between the 2 and the microbes become dormant leaving a stunned ph that you now have to change.

Hope you find this useful in anyway

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