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7W LED-bulbs, full spectrum ChloroBA

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Hey guys (and girls)...


I´ve come across some 7W LED-bulbs. They are said to be used alot in the US for "Closet-growing"... Has anyone here heard of them?

Best regards,



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Hello friend, 



Yes, I have seen many, some are special growth (more blue), and others to help in flowering (with more red light). 


In my opinion, the award bulb is expensive, prefer to grow with a low consumption of 250w, unless the temperature is prevented. (LED light has the advantage of not giving heat). 


I had a couple to help flowering, but sold them finished. You can dig a little more information about led, in general, is good pra culture for low power consumption and low heat. 




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Hello everybody !!! heard a lot about LED, 're going to have experimental who enjoyed give the right advice-during flowering and ripening do I need to disable blue LEDs or not,and whether additional light at the end of flowering?

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Plants look gorgeous under the LED lighting. Reduce energy expenditure, grow healthy and less heat, prevents many pests .... is it not perfect? ;) 


Thanks for sharing your images, LED plates are incredible!

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The little time I bought on E-bay a panel of 300W LED, Epistar LED chip 100x3W. 

The manufacturer says that the actual spend 120W for the LEDs last longer, but I called a voltage controller and this only to spend 85W. 

In my view the panel was to be giving more entencidade light, I think there was an error in the regulation of the output power to the LEDs.

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