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sea of green?

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how do you ladies and gentlemen look at SOG?

i read that sea of green method is used by a lot of commercial growers

how does it work and what are the benefits?

i was thinking of trying a SOG as a have plenty of fem seeds left! (no room for clones)

is the use of smaller pots  necessery as the plants will grow much to bushy in large pots?

what potsize do you guys use in such system and if you have any tips on sea of green i really appreciate it!





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SoG is a clone only method.

Thats the point of it taking clones get flowering fast and get from planting to harvest 2 months and thats how u maximize Yield not grow a bigger yield but have yield faster ;)

If u got alot of seeds just grow them :)


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faster yield sounds interesting for sure!

so it is not possible with seedplants? dont want to spend any time and space on growing mothers

i think i give it a try in a couple of months! was thinking on 6 x lemonhaze in 6 Liter, instant 12/12

i only have 1.40 m in total height at the moment, smaller pots, smaller plants and no more supercropping and bending shit

anyone grown regular photoperiod in 6 l or less before?  normally i have pots dubble in size



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I grow allways seedplants in 6l pots ;)

But u will not be Faster or getting mor crop ^^

And 12/12 from Seed Slows the whole thing down cuz even if u do that ur Plant cant start flowering before she reaches a certain stadium and tzhe less light she gets the longer it takes for her to get there:)

if u are not in growing mothers and stuff i would just grow in normal shape ;)

Sure u can go with 6 liter Pots and get a lot of Plants in ur Tent but allwys remember more Plants = more Work and The smaller the potts the the less faults will be forgiven and the more attention u gotta put in ;)



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ok thanks , i always use 12 or 18 l, next round i try 6 l.

sure i am in to growing mothers and stuff, unfortunately..

if i had the place i would have a whole nursery, start experiments and hydro-stuff...mayby later :)

just got my little grow, 250 watt, 330M³ climate control fan,... just enough to have a fat spliff everyday :)

any idea what size of pots go well with clones  SOG style? mayby i can grow a mother outside in spring, clone it ten times and grow them inside sog style?

just an idea, starting to get creative :)

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Ya man sure u can take some cuts from ur outdoor Plants :)

Well it dipends on what u are trying u can go for very high 2.5l pots and go absolutly nuts with like 25 1budder plants or go soft with 9 6.5 l pots ;)

i hope ull get it as u wish :)



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thanks for your advice vertox!


i'll try it out soon with 6x6l or so,

i'm not growing in a tent, i have one but it doesnt fit here, builded something myself!

works good,  just the height, should have been a little higher

have good day vertox

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