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Trichomes and more

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Lets see if I got this right


so the most potent part of the Plant that we like to smoke is THC??

is THC only part of the Trichomes or is THC also Part of the Plantmaterial- buds??


Let's say THC is only inside the Trichomes does that mean all the other Cannbinoids like CBD CBN? are only to be found inside the Trichomes.


Let;s continue if THC is only inside Trichomes how can you messure the Content of THC- or let me say- does the THC content get messured in the Trichomes.

It always says this strain has 16%, this strain has 20% THC

this means each strain is different on how to fill up the trichmes with THC- right - if THC is only available inside Trichomes

What are the strains that Produce the most Trichomes- 1 time I came across - Snowball- had really nice white "flakes" of trichomes on there- was a coffesshop in Amsterdam - anyone knows that Strain - Snowball or similliar??


Since you never can collect 100% pure Trichomes- through my experience theres always some plant material mixed in, so the flavour actually comes from the Bud??

What are Trichomes made out of ???

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