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For every 1oz you get 5.6 dry

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Approx 80% less than It was wet...give a take a couple of percent here or there....

This is not my opinion just had a long debate on this I think this a load of s. t

What do you think regards

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It depends when you weigh it after reaping/drying - Once it is dry enough to smoke but not cured properly - say 4 to 7 days it ay be 20% - say te main cola weighs 140 grams fresh cut and stripped clean you may have an ounce = 28 grams. But if you cure it properly for at least 10 days or preferrably longer you end up with a percentage of say 13 % , plus minus 2% of course - If you could keep it under these optimum conditions it should be like that but sadly if you open the glass daily your weed dries out within a month to 10% or so.


Still waiting for these nice B69 humidor packs you can get in the US - 4 gram 8 gram and60 gram boxes that keeep the huidity at an exact 69% r/h - these guys made humidoors for cuban cigars and now they sell cheap boxes made from paper for 3.95 US dollars.

Anybody knows a product like that yu can get in hllad or europe let meknow.. I hate to lose weight and have crumbly dry weed to smoke ..lol

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Here is a link to an interesting humidor / storage device with a great review video - cv vaults - After the curing has come to perfection add one of these humidor packs to keep it in optimum condition  or get too dry herbs fresh-er

Seems to work fine..


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Thank you for you response I had 30oz wet and after the bud was put in to jars in a had 14oz left and put 62/boveda in to the jars.

I do like boveda.


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