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Just trying this / it's from a PDF sent to me for Ormus

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Posted Today, 05:10 AM

1. What Is Ormus? 2. Sources of Ormus 3. Ormus and Water 4. Methods of Ormus Extraction 5. Ormus Wet Method 6. Benefits of Ormus Minerals 7. Ormus Minerals and Elements 8. Ormus and Salts 9. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals 10. History of Ormus 11. Ormus and Plants 12. Ormus and the Future 13. Ormus References and Sources 14. Ormus Glossary 15. Ormus Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 1 What Is Ormus? Thank you for taking the time to read our Guide concerning a truly remarkable substance that has everyone from natural health enthusiasts to scientists excitedly discussing it worldwide. Its name is Ormus, and when you are through here you will likely be amazed. Ormus represents a truly revolutionary discovery for those looking to maximize their health and vitality, with benefits reaching into a great many other areas of life as well. Hard not to be interested, isn't it? This is one of the most exciting health breakthroughs you are likely to ever be exposed to. First things first. Let's take a look at just what Ormus is, before we explore further. Ormus Ormus, also sometimes referred to as ORME (short for orbitally rearranged monoatomic element), is a substance discovered in the 1970s by a Arizona farmer named David Hudson who stumbled upon Ormus while mining for gold on his land. Hudson was more than intrigued by finding this material again and again during his quest for gold, and he possessed the finances to explore his curiosity further. Millions of dollars (yes, millions of dollars!) later, Hudson was able to come out of his research not only with an encyclopedic knowledge of this substance, but also by 1989 patents on the material and a method on the extraction process best used by his team to obtain it. What is it in this material that inspired all of Hudson's long and hard effort? Not to mention his financial investment? Hudson believes, and his evidence is quite convincing, that Ormus is something which is closely related to what mankind has been obsessed with since the ancient times: precious metals in a different atomic state, in what Hudson called m-state, which can be up to 10,000 times more abundant than in their metallic form. The ancients called it the Philosopher's Stone among many other names

They credited it with a long list of benefits, nearly all of which have been replicated with the smart use of Ormus today Large amounts of m-state elements have clearly been identified in in seawater. They include gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, mercury, iridium, osmium, and cobalt to name a few. Hudson believes others can also be included on the Ormus list. With more deep scientific research occurring in this area every day, there is little doubt the list of Ormus m-state elements will be greatly expanded in time. What is agreed upon in the ancients experience (and experiments) with their Philosopher's Stone/Ormus, as well as those who are using Ormus today, is the powerfully beneficial and rejuvenating effects it has on the body, mind, and even spirit. While the ancients, of course, were forced by the nature of their times to give magical explanations for these benefits, we now have cutting-edge science which confirms them almost entirely. Ormus is here and is 100% real, with the studies to back it up, along with real-life feedback and testimonials which have become nearly too numerous to count. This isn't even the limit to the good news. Beyond health benefits as a supplement for you, me, and others enthusiastic about living longer and more fulfilling lives, Ormus is also an incredibly efficient way to energize the soil and bring it back to vibrant health as well. It's hard to think of another substance that carries such a universal appeal. As we can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to answering the question of "What is Ormus?" Our book will explore this thoroughly, and I am excited about the opportunity to share it with you. At the end, I think you will agree this will likely go down as one of the most exciting discoveries of our lifetimes! Let's dig deeper together

Chapter 2 Sources of Ormus As we explore the idea that Ormus is a foundation of vibrant life, a question naturally comes to mind: in addition to the supplements many people are using successfully to boost the levels of Ormus in their bodies, or are adding to their soil to reap Ormus's ability to revolutionize agriculture, where is Ormus most available from food sources? Here's a look at some of the best natural places to find Ormus. While these sources are not anywhere near the potency you will find in pure supplemental sources, this knowledge can be used to optimize your diet in conjunction with a smart supplement program. This is nowhere near a complete list, but it will certainly act as a good starting point. Air, Mineral, and Water Sources Ormus is available in many areas all around us. Here are some of the most interesting that are being utilized today: Air: Yes, Ormus is found in the air we breathe. Rather interestingly, recent research indicates that it is more so in the air when there is a full moon. Rock Sources: It's found most abundantly in rock dust from volcanoes and glacial rock dust. Salt Sources: Salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt is very, very high in Ormus. Other sea and crystal salts contain its minerals, but less so in most cases

Water Sources: Seawater and spring water are both good sources, which explains much of its beneficial effects on plants, aquatic life, and even humans. Plant, Vegetable, and Other Edible Sources Beyond food sources, this list begins with those with the most Ormus, by weight, and works its way down, with a few brief notes where appropriate. In some cases this was less clear, but this is generally accurate. Concord Grape Juice: An excellent source of Ormus in unsweetened concentrate. Potency does vary slightly by brand, with Seneca seeming to have the edge in the brands tested. (http://www.healthdia...f-apricots.html) Bee Pollen: Wild bee pollen, especially when harvested from bees living in volcanic regions, is an abundant source of Ormus. Bees in captivity produce dramatically less Ormus in their pollen. This is yet another example of the health dangers of factory farming and raising animalsoften the appearance is the same, but important health benefits are lost. (http://www.hado-energy.com/ormus.php) Blood Root: Early settlers and Native Americans used this product for troublesome skin conditions. It is best to seek medical advice. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sanctioned it. (http://www.earthclin.../bloodroot.html) Chocolate: Some Ormus enthusiasts have blended raw chocolate with Ormus to reap a more enjoyable way to partake of the benefits from Ormus. (http://www.meridianm...tegoryid=0 =id&sortdir=0&page=7&search=&newarrival=0&makeID=0&modelID=0&type=&bodyShape=&selYear=0) Coconut Water: Naturally occurring resources for Ormus can be found in coconut water. (http://ormusminerals...-for-ormus.html) Garlic: The many health benefits of garlic include the benefit of Ormus. (http://www.hobbsknow...Benefits6187423

Goji Berries: The Chinese have used Goji berries, a good source of Ormus, for thousands of years. (http://eck-tech.com/...s_Products.html) Noni Fruit: Noni fruit is known for being rich in Ormus. (http://aponinoni.blo...incredible.html) St. John's Wort: This is just one more of the many resources for gaining the benefits of Ormus. (http://www.greensolu...-Apr10/tyh.html) Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil: Flax carries a wide range of benefits in addition to being a source of Ormus. It is highly recommended for those interested in vibrant health as well as life extension. (http://www.ormusmira...log/tag/leptin/) Matcha Tea and Other Green Teas: This Japanese tea is a wonderful source for Ormus. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matcha) Royal Jelly: Gleaning Ormus from royal jelly is a way to improve your health. (http://www.hobbsknow...423&action=edit) Vanilla: Whole beans are the best choice in vanilla options. (http://www.greensolu...-Apr10/tyh.html) Animal Sources Calf and Pig Brain: David Hudson's research revealed calf and pig brain to be roughly 5% Ormus by weight (specifically, monatomic rhodium and monatomic iridium were found.) It was this discovery which led

the important conclusion that Ormus is an absolute essential part of healthy life in both animals and humans. (http://www.subtleene...lth/sources.htm) It is clear Ormus is present all around us (and in us), but often only in small quantities in even the best of conditions. This is what has inspired thinking men in the past and the present to develop extraction processes to harness this building block of health and vitality in a concentrated, pure, and potent form. Now we are ready to take our exploration further. By the time we're done, we will be secure in the knowledge of how to optimize our Ormus levels in the most enriching, simple, and affordable ways possible today! Ormus from Seawater As the term indicates, Ormus from seawater is prepared from the sea through a process known as the wet method, which involves a series of stages to achieve the desired product. The process is made up of the following stages: Raising the PH of the seawater in a water solution up to 10.78 using a solution of sodium hydroxide. Allowing the mixture to settle, and then sieving the remains which are washed with clean water to acquire the product, which is mainly composed of calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and a small amount of m-state material. The Ormus from seawater is mainly used for agriculture at a convenient rate of 10 to 30 liters per hectare, which usually impacts positively on the crops. The application is done annually and farmers have identified the method as a source of bumper harvests for both crops and pasture as it facilitates faster growth. Research has shown that animals that consume plants grown with this precipitate survive longer because their health has been improved. Research conducted on the effect of plants grown in soils fertilized with Ormus from seawater and then fed to animals was found to cure breast cancer among mice; this is replicated in human beings, who use the same method to treat cancerous tissues. This precipitate has a long residual effect on the food chain that allows the transfer of these vital benefits from one feeding level to the next. On using a precipitate of Ormus from seawater in farming as a fertilizer, the farmers tend to use little or no pesticides at all as the crops develop resistance to insects and disease and also withstand droughtconditions, thus preventing losses to the farmer. The precipitate is known to improve soil aeration and Tilth, hence increasing the nitrogen-fixation process

Other effects to the plants with Ormus-fertilized soils include: Increased rate of physiological processes like photosynthesis which eventually leads to faster maturity of crops and hence enables them to escape unfavorable climate conditions. This has cushioned farmers against adverse effects of potential drought and loss of their investments. High-quality farm produce with longer shelf life as compared to others, which lowers the post-harvest losses to the farmer and hence ensures better sales when the market is favorable. The fruits produced are large in size and give a better taste. This Ormus from seawater precipitate is cheap to apply in terms of cost, and the overall benefits accrued are very favorable. The farmer need not make the fertilizer as he can purchase it from the available manufacturers of the product who sell it at competitive market prices. Other than using Ormus from seawater as human supplements, different uses have come up as a result of continued research on the effects of Ormus materials on the lives of animals lives and plants. The response to these trials have yielded positive results, which have led to increased use of this natural mineral in our activities

Chapter 3

Ormus and Water Ever since David Hudson made the discovery of Ormus, interest in it has raised higher and higher every year. Much of the interest comes from the remarkable relationship between Ormus and water. This relationship has intrigued everyone from hardcore scientists, to natural-health enthusiasts, to those inclined toward mystic and spiritual pursuits like alchemy. It's hard to think of another substance or material that has inspired such enthusiasm from such diverse circles. The enthusiasm is warranted. With the methods available to separate Ormus and water widely available and books full of evidence of the Ormus materials benefits, how could it not be? The Ormus materials are also often referred to as "monoatomic," or m-state, elements. This is to distinguish them from normal metals and elements. The Ormus materials exist in a state where their atoms are not bonded together. This means they are chemically inert and unresponsive. This difference in state is what is thought to carry such great benefits when the Ormus materials are consumed or used as a fertilizer. Another unique quality of the monoatomic elements is that when they pair up, the atoms spin very quickly, causing their weight to reduce by nearly 45%. This has led some researchers to describe them as "tiny bundles of light." This energy is being studied very closely and is thought to rejuvenate life force. The Ormus materials have been quite difficult to study and have remained mysterious because of unique qualities they possess that seem almost designed to help them avoid detection. These include the fact that their molecular and atomic configuration determines their physical qualities. This is unlike most materials where the protons and electrons determine their physical nature. Ormus materials are also difficult to identify using more common laboratory techniques like spectroscopic analysis because they lack valence electrons. This had led some scientists to suggest the materials do not exist until they looked deeper into Ormus and water. Once the clues of the "white gold" were seen, many of these skeptics have joined forces with the researchers and explorers who are so excited by the Ormus potential. Ormus and Absolute Zero You may have heard the words "absolute zero" come up in discussions of the Ormus materials. Absolute zero is the temperature at which atoms stop moving. This is viewed and agreed upon as a state that brings with it a kind of superconductivity. The monoatomic elements and Ormus materials suggest there may be a further link betweenabsolute zero and Ormus. The explanation of how this could occur at room temperature in the Ormus materials is that their internal temperatures are in the range of absolute zero while their atmospheric temperature remains "normal." The Ormus materials have been found to have one exciting and interesting property after another. This has led mystics to consider its discovery to be a re-discovery of the fabled "Philosopher's Stone." When you become aware of things like this, it becomes more and more difficult to disagree with them: Two of the Ormus elements qualities that have been confirmed are: Quantum coherence, which is a quality where groups of atoms act in unity rather than as individual atoms. Presence of a powerful anti-magnetic field, which can even partially block Earth's magnetic field to a degree and has caused some monoatomic elements to levitate in certain conditions! This quantum coherence of the monoatomic elements was actually theorized as likely to exist by leading scientists of years past, including hugely respected names like Satyendra Bose and, incredibly, Albert Einstein. The material has often been called the "Bose Einstein" condensate after these two great minds. Ormus and Water We continue to ponder the growing benefits of Ormus. let's look further at the aspect of Ormus and water. Water and Ormus work together in a kind of natural synergy. Water provides Ormus a place where it can exist without problems unless it is exposed to electromagnetic frequencies or is overexposed to sunlight. Ormus is also thought to create structures within water, allowing it to protect itself from damaging electromagnetic influences. Many experts on Ormus believe Ormus-rich water acts as a superconductor of both energy and information when drunk; this suggests that Ormus acts as a "super liquid" when consumed. A great many people who drink small doses of Ormus-rich water for exactly this reason report outstanding results. These benefits also carry over into any fruit or vegetables grown in Ormus-water-enriched soil. In this way, Ormus and water can be thought of as an "anti-GMO" (genetically modified organisms); instead of something artificially created and altering food that harms the people consuming it, Ormus takes the energy of nature and makes food more powerfully healthy and energetically vibrant. This is confirmed in many studies. Plants and fruits grown with Ormus have been demonstrated to be more resistant to disease or attack from insects, and to grow larger more quickly. With the small amount of Ormus and water needed to see these results, many environmentalists are looking toward Ormus materials as a possible solution to many agricultural problems. There are, of course, a great many methods that can be used to draw the Ormus materials out of seawater or sea salt before recombining them with water. We've gone over these extensively elsewhere, but it's important to note that even after separating Ormus materials from, say, seawater before being consumed, they are generally added to water again Water is the perfect vehicle both to protect the Ormus and also to carry it into our bodies in a way in which we can make the best use of it. In the months and years to come, we will learn more and more about Ormus and water, their relationship, and how we can best use them to supercharge our health, our minds, and even our food. We live in an exciting time where science and mysticism seem to be clearly uniting and long-held questions are finally being answered. Keep an eye on the news about Ormus. Groundbreaking developments are sure to be right around the corner.

There's a alot more .


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There is something in ormus, but I mean orme more precisely, I found a website in Poland that has an orme according to David Hudson's patent, I am curious about this preparation, I know that there is nothing to expect immediate kundalini etc. on the basis of a supplement, after a few days I felt rains down my spine and heat flashes. I think that the orme actually works, but unlike everyone else they write more subtly, it seems to me that the orme is brilliant ormus I tested for 3 years I felt great but I did not feel anything else this vis website how I buy this orme http://ormus-online.pl

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