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The benefits of LSD

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Of course LSD effects everyone different. For those who's mind knows how to handle the substance it can be just as beneficial as cannabis. 

1. You get so high you don't need any other substance.  This is true. If your floor surfing for a crack hoot or looking for cannabis an the floor just drop some LSD.

2. It leaves you spiritually awakened and you don't crave substances as much. This is true. They have even found that in the right environment it can help recovering alcoholics.

3. Cluster headache sufferers this is the true cure! This is true. Mushroom have also been known to be beneficial but LSD takes the cake!

4. LSD is the best chemical on the planet for getting high. This is true. It is the least known toxic drug for getting high on the planet. It even has less of a toxic rating the Cannabis or mushrooms.

5. It has been studied on mental illness patients and for some it actually does work in helping the mental illness. For some it does not work,  some it can be the most beneficial drug on the planet more so then the cannabinoids that have already been proven to help mental illness. 

6. It can bring peace and love for the rest of your life. OF course everyone is different but GOD DO I LOVE LSD! 

oh number 7 i forgot to mention. It's the cheapest drug to get high on you can find. If you actually know your not putting your life in the hands of dirty chemists. I am sure no legal forces would agree because no war=no government. They won't regulate it only because they want war! How many more lives need to end? NONE! If you take in all the analogues of LSD!   How about focusing efforts on drugs that will end wars? Your government won't allow it. If this was the case which it is because i know in my country more then 90% of the food money goes to drugs. with lsd you can make it 10% but no one really cares! That is why you have planes dissapearing and shit. AT least on LSD you think  you  at least know what happened to shit. I'll drop it over any substance in a heartbeat. I guess that's why i'm always lucky dropping acid.

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Many scientific studies of LSD, endorse many benefits, but always in small quantities and always medically controlled. 


LSD is a synthetic drug, which is why, you have to be very cautious, we must know its exact quality and quantity to avoid problems. 


This forum is more dedicated to cannabis friend, where not a single case of death by excess is known worldwide.


Cheers (close this thread Thematic be otherwise, I hope you do not mind)

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