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Package arrived today, but no seeds in it

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Ordered a package of 3 Kaia Kush seeds on the website, paid 25.50 euro (including postage and handling). The envelope arrived today and hadn't been tampered with. Unfortunately, I can't say that about the carton with the seeds: that had been opened and the seeds were gone. Also sent you an email about this from the website and tried to contact GHC on Twitter. Would be nice if you could send me the seeds I was looking forward to. The order number is 81076.

Thanks in advance and, of course, regards.

Here's the pics I took:


The package I received today.



The empty carton.


It looks like the package has been cut open.

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Hexx you have to open the GENETIC DISC . Inside in a special material are the seeds now, not in the plastic bubbles as before - this packaging is in fact  bit confusing, same goes for the Strainhunters packages  I opened the 5 seed Flower Bomb Kush pack expecting it was sealed beneath - like the seeds from ay Royal Queens seeds, like a regular tablet, but to my surprise it was open behind and the seeds fell out on the glass table and jumped right across the room on the floor - incredible how far these seeds can jump/roll. Trying to find these tiny seeds on a rugged old carpet is a bitch I swear, I found 3 but lost 2 for good, 1 did not sprout, so all I got from a 5 pack was 2 little trees . VERY disappointing for a "Champion". weed was potent but lots of leaves around the actual buds, These sugar leaves made the weed taste  harsh but that is another story .... Since it was from a competetion prize I did not complain but I think both packages should be improved  Take the Royal Queens way  as a good example or simply pace them in a plastic bag or a paper bag (like female seeds). Best ould be a viole with the seeds visible inside ...


looks like this now  




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