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Hii all

I bought and started 3 gh money maker and big bang seeds bought from HERBBIEs as G.H. dont do usa

I have bought from herbies before and no probs 5/5 or 4/5 germ rate

On this order the ONLY ones to pop where the 2 free seeds from herbies non of the money maker nor big bang popped.

Whats up with that?

Aint like I dont no my ways to getting them thru germ

Is it a chance the seeds froze?

been cold here

I just cant figure out as I used my same technics for germing and all of a sudden this freaked out garbbage

All help is taken and recieved with a huge THANKS



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Hello friend, 



I do not which is the best or worst way to germinate, but I'll explain as I do, for my form is good, because it always works: 


- I put seeds in a glass of water (water quality, bottled water) and add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. So leave 12-24 hours. The water should be about 18 º -20 º (a little more is no problem). 


- Then put the seeds between a moist napkin, napkin or in a plastic container so it does not lose moisture. It is very important also the temperature here is perfect on 20 º - 25 º. 


- In two days, sometimes three, I always see sprouts, ready to be transplanted to pots with soil, coco or any other material culture.


I hope I have helped you!

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thanks jose

what i do is scratch the seed with a nail file and soak until they sink. i just cant understand why the seeds i bought did not sprout  but the 2 so called freebies did.

i did the same with all

i ordered some more bc pineapple chunk last night and will add them with the freebie seeds

the pc is a great smoke but takes alot longer to flower as they state,but i did get 185grams off 2 plants (dry weight)

so i guess thats what iwill try this time 2

thanks for your insight on germing might give it a try

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I don't think if the seeds froze it would make any difference. I say this as I've grown for many years and done some breeding as well.  I've had seeds fall to the ground as I've been harvesting seeds and they stay on the ground buried in snow and ice and come spring, they pop up as soon as it is warm.

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What happens sadly is packs are opened and improperly stored in some cases.no telling how long that pack was stored since last opened.

I generally avoid single seed type buys due to this.

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low freezing temperatures will usually only hurt the seed if it has too much moisture in it, so properly dryed seed should have no problem when it is thawed slow. fast thawing speed can damage them, so when you get frozen seed package from mail you should first put them in refrigerator before bringing to room temp to avoid that fast temp change


refrigerator temps +4c~ are be good for normal storage and some studies suggests it might even speed up the germination in many plants vs the stable room temp storage


how long did you let them germ before you gave up on them?

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thanks all

I let the seeds sit for about 3 days then soaked for about 17-20 hours when they sunk i planted in my germ box inwich i have uve used before simple box with a dome

I just cant over the seeds i paid for were in breeder packs and all (loved the dvd strain hunter) those did not pop only the freebies from HERBIES poped

I guess it was some type of freak thing but got my head spinning 4sure

also still have them germing but when the new seeds arrive they are done has been 2 weeks no sprout :(

thanks to all for your input as i am still trying and learning

stay green

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Hey i had a problem once with a pack of Jack Herer. 2 cracked open but there never came out a rootlet and 1 snot even cracked. I took pictures from the germination process and explained en detail what steps I did. i planted them never the less but nothing happened at all. That was directly from Green House, so they made up good for that. The seeds did look properly but somehow somewhere must have been a mistake in the storing process .

I would contact Herbies and tell them bout it. I am sure they will fix that for you.

Greenhouse gives info on how to proceed in case seeds do not germinate properly. Take pictures, explain your method step by step..

so unless you are one of those planting seeds directly into soil it should be no problem documenting it. You ordered and paid for the seeds at HERBIES, so that is the place to contact. They may/may not deal with GH later on about the whole affair.

Best of luck !

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i just chucked a damnesia seed after 10 days no germ,every seed from that batch has germed no issues only to be destroyed by rodents...indoor ffs.

,its luck of the draw i suppose.

still keep gravitating to the shs seedbank...damn exchange rate

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I also buy through Herbies and brought Strain Hunters Money Maker five of and all five have germinated and are doing very well. Very strange about yours alright

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