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Need help with these two seedlings

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Hello Guys,

In my opinion i'm in trouble. I just started a new grow like 2 weeks ago from 2 seeds with 6/7 months old the strain is Night Shade from Barneys Farm.

I have an 100w Hps for them and i germineted them in in a box with an bottom heater that maintains the temperature inside at 26cº and in 2 weeks they just stop growing. what can i do, i'm i little bit concerned with these two ladies.

Kind Regards





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Did u leave them to germinate for 2 weeks or were they in a medium for 2 weeks? If in a medium , what medium?



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Hey, thanks for the reply.

The process was:

1- put the seeds in dim glass of tap water(ph 6.2) for 24 hours;

2- passed them into a medium(root riot),soaked in tap water(ph 6.2)

3- when they came out i lightly opened the vents;

4- few days passed i put them into the soil(all mix);

5- forgot to say they were kept at 26ºc all the process.



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Hi there,

This two ladies just died yesterday :s

And what about a lightly burned seedling, can i mist him with water with a little of superthrive?



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Man all you gotta do is put them in soil when you see the tap root clearly. Be sure just to cover it with a very fine fertilizer free soil. I swear on Canna seed Mix but any Seed soil will do. If the rootlet grows too long it loses energy and exposure to light might kill it. That is what happened in this case. watch that the green leaves already were developing. They need the seed shell like a soldier needs his helmet.lol.. to protect the sensitive early green.

Better luck next time..

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hey buddy, its plants do not seem to germinate well, maybe something wrong, or simply genetics.
My advice is to replace with 2 new seeds and start over.
Otherwise you risk losing time and effort only.
I wish you good luck.

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I dont like too much the All mix to germinate, its not the first time i see some strains dont like it at germination, it is great for veg, but germination i dont know..

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The All Mix is too strong for some sensitive strains.

As Bam recommended above the best is a medium without food to start with.

Take care.

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