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Organic growing question.

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Hey peeps i have got myself some bio-biz light mix and canna bio terra soil, im planning to more from hydro to organic growing in soil.

My question is when do i adjust the pH of my water because i understand it has to be 6.0-6.5, does the soil adjust pH when i feed plants i dont really understand.  My tap water is pH 7.3 

Peace SH... Bobby 

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Is that ph level when it first comes out the tap or once its stood for 24h?

You must never feed organic soil wager that has just come out the tap as it contains high amount of chlorine and will hurt the bacteria and fungi in the soil.

This is my own personal view , other may not agree.

I do not ajust my waters ph once settles it comes out at about 7. I feel that consistency is better that trying to always ajust the water. My soil has ph buffers in so the soil always stays a constant 6.5 ph.



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Hi Reaf 

Yes i always let the water stand for 24 hours and it is 7 so i will not adjust it like yous say the consistency is better that adjusting it all the time hey thanks man for the info much appreciated.

P.s Does bio-biz or canna soil have buffers to keep ph consistent?   

Thanks BLB 

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Hey buddy i use bio bizz fertiliser and soil.

My water out the tap or after standing stays the same at 7

A nice trick for tap water and plants is to go to your hydro shop and grab urself an air stone/bubbler or two.

Pop theese into your water cans or whatever you use for your nutes.

Let the water bubble for half a day to a day if you can.

Add your notes mix them extremely well and feed yo your plants.

Remember with organic nutrients not to let them sit for longer than 24hrs .

The plants will no longer be able to use them

I personally do not need to ph the water here but in some cases you may need to.

i hope that helps a little with your feeding

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