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Transplant Without Shock (Or At Least Minimal!)

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We all know how stressful transplanting can be, so I thought I'd try something new, and I made a discovery of a neat little trick with my most recent transplant, so I thought I'd share it!!


I wasn't expecting such amazing results, and it was merely and attempt at reducing transplant shock, so, while I took notes I didn't take any pics, but rest assured the next time I transplant, I will take pics for all to see and follow!!  :shout:


You will need:

  • A dim Lamp,
  • One pot the same size as your current pots,
  • Cling Film
  • New pots,
  • Soil,
  • Dechlorinated water,
  • Superthrive,
  • beneficial bacteria solution (I used Vitalink Bio-Pac),
  • Nutrient Thermometer.

Plant Soil Condition:

You don't want your soil to be too wet or too dry, roughly halfway through the watering cycle, so that when you lift the plant out of the pot the exposed soil feels moist but not wet.



  • Use hot water (boiled for 20 minutes to remove Chlorine) to warm your dechlorinated water up to 22C.
  • Add your Superthrive and beneficial Bacteria - I used 5ml per litre of Superthrive and 15ml per litre of Bio-Pac. 
  • Wrap old pot in cling film - So that you don't fill it with soil later!


  • Prepare your new pots with a layer of soil - you want enough in each pot so that when you place your old pot in you have enough room to add a little extra soil on top afterwards.
  • Place your old pot in the centre of the new pot.
  • Add soil into the gaps.
  • Gently pat it down - you don't want to compact the soil, just make sure it hold its shape when you lift the old pot out.
  • Water very lightly - Try and do just enough that when you lift the old pot out, the bottom of the soil is still dry.
  • remove the old pot from the middle.
  • Turn out the light, and turn on the lamp.
  • Gently remove your plant from its old pot - I turn the pot upside down, and push on the bottom of the pot to release it (keep your other hand ready to catch it, you don't wanna drop and break your babies!!).
  • place it into the new pot - being very careful with the roots (try and handle it where you can see exposed soil rather than on the roots).
  • Top with a a little bit more soil.
  • Water as normal 36 - 48 hours after transplant.


And that's it! 



Of the 12 that I transplanted this way, 7 showed no signs of transplant shock, 5 showed very slight signs of shock - Their leaves went down a little, but were up and singing within 10 hours of transplant!

There has been no noticeable reduction in growth. One of the plants whose leaves went down momentarily, also happens to be the tallest and has grown 11cm in the 5 days since transplant. I'm sure you'll agree, this is a successful response from my transplanting method!

I warmed the water to reduce any shock caused by cold water.

I used Superthrive to reduce the shock of transplant.

I used Bio-Pac to add beneficial bacteria to the new soil.

I kept the new soil relatively dry to allow the roots to search into it straight away, rather than let it dry out over a few days before it becomes appealing the roots.

I used the lamp while transplanting, to reduce the amount of light the roots get exposed to.



So that's that guys! Any questions, ask away!!




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