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Hi guys,


Im haven't ever grown weed before, never had the need to but im fed up of getting poorly grown, weak and horrible tasting weed so i thought i would take matters into my own hands. I would also like to have a bit of control over the strains i smoke as i have found indica heavy strains like blue cheese lead me to lack motivation to get up for work in the morning.

Ideally i would like some advice from all you experienced growers out there as to how to go about my first set up, what strains to go with so i can get the hang of it, what medium to use, what lights, nutrients and anything else that i may need. I dont want to spend much more than £300 in total.

The space i have available is a spare wardrobe, 160 h x 85 w x 50 d, and i wanted 2-3 plants in that area. Is that feesable?

The strains i hoped to be growing in the end are Jack herer, to help with my anxiety. Super lemon haze, purely because i love the high and its my favourite all time strain. And for the final strain, either strawberry haze or super silver haze.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even pointing me in the direction of some useful websites or books.

FYI I do live in the UK though :/

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Hi bro, 


Hello friend, 
You have chosen mainly sativa varieties touches, that is, that will be high. Maybe the problem is real high for you. My advice is bloom from cuttings. You can buy seeds, one of each, and make a mother plant, take cuttings and then florecerlos. This avoids the problem of height. 
It is also good to put more levels, 2 or 3, you get little production. Invertigar a little about growing SOG (Sea of ​​Green), is a good possibility to get good production. 
If you do not have much experience in crops, it is interesting to learn thoroughly, first.
In this forum you can find many sections, for all special culture. Tutorials, crops already made, and many people who can help you with your questions :)
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