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Hello, my white widow is just about 5 weeks or close to it. I started to notices some things on my good plant. Should I worry about these or no? I water every 3-4 days with a pH of around 6.0-6.2. Its mostly an outdoor grow and I feed maybe every 9-11 days, ( or every 3'rd water)

I recently had a caterpillar on my other plant and I had to get a safe bt to get rid of them and I used it about two days ago. I haven't seen a worm since. I plan on transplanting to a bigger pot today or tomorrow but I'd like to know if there is anything to worry about before I do that. I still have two more water periods before the next feed ( about 6 days ). Please help me out if you know anything as this is my first grow. Thanks in advance.







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yes a leafminer it's called

here some info m8 


but looking good :D

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Your plant looks beautiful, healthy. 


Yes, it's a insect. You can spray with oil Nemm (100% organic) to prevent insects. If you use a larger pot, you can put around it, a few coffee grounds, it makes the caterpillar do not pass the stops. 



Greetings! ;)

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What can i say more ^^If you follow the matks you can even maybe find the insect it is like a trail hehe ;) 


Good luck fighting the nature man, it can be the hardest part sometimes in growing outdoor ^^

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