[TEST] Result of Kalashikova Auto under CFL

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Small automatic Kalashnikova from GreenHouse Seeds Co pushed under CFL for testing, germinated in a mini pot, stretch done in a 1 liter pot and repotted in a pot of 3.5 liters under CFL 250w + 125w CFL flowering growth (in germination / cutting space). 

The result is a beautiful plant with very compact flowers, to our amazement! 

the selection of jars was kept deliberately to a small size of the plant due to lack of space for this test 


after drying, the plant we unveiled to delicious terpenes have to keep well during cultivation due to the fact that the CFL does not produce hot spots on plants.


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Looking very nice man even without Woody riding it ;)


Thanks for sharign man have a good smoke ;)

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do not worry, woody jessie, and T-Rex, are currently manicure super critical right now ;)


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They seem to enjoy their jobs.

Hope you enjoyed the smoke.

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