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plasma lights? any info??

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Saw some advertised recently...full spectrum, exelent par output, low amperage. Any one using them?

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I ve seen some in expos and i think there is 2 members using them in the forum, but i havent seen enough report to make an opinion on them yet :)

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Was looking recently about induction lamps and plasmalights and  i  noticed that where ever they are presented they are presented in the best way above any other lamp or technology :) but there were some growers on other forums that like it for vegging but still keep the HPS for flowering. There is few types of induction lamps which i did not pay attention to because it was still new to me but will try to close all my tabs and make some research about it. Most interesting fact i heard about this lamps is that they don't give as much heat as other lamps .  compared to flourescence they give lower heat and could be brought closer to plants. compared to HPS they give out more photopic lumens(Plm) and are more cooler. Also they tend to keep there lumens stable up till 70000 hours of use because they dont have any electrodes and are type of wireless lamps :)


there is some info on this lights here pretty eager to try it and if there is anyone who had already seen a grow op with nductive lights would be very interested in hearing of how that went

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