Danksta's deep water culture (off to a start)

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Good day everybody and hopefully you are having a lovely day,

As i am very exited to start my first DWC system, but i have a good question to ask around here,

i have been searching for this answer online for  quite a while now,

and i have finally decided to let the pro's do the answering!

SO that being said, was wondering why does my PH drop so low in 24 hours? (fresh water no Nutes)

Online everybody is saying I'm using to much nutes, but i didn't even start with any nutes, so not sure what they are on about!

I transplanted my 2'' seedlings in a 6'' netpots, washed the clay pebbles before putting them in(a bit not like super soaked but had a good rinse)

and got them all tucked in 10 buckets each, i balanced the PH to a 5,6-8 in all 10 buckets,

and they all looked like they were loving it!

the next day(24 hours) I'm looking at them and i see they're doing fine, but the PH dropped to 4,5 - 4,3 PH in every bucket in that short of a rapid time, i RE balanced the PH and have been wondering what happened the next hour i check and in one hour the ph dropped from 5,6 to a 4,9 IN ONE HOUR, should i just refill with fresh water, would you? or is this just a common thing with brand new buckets and stuff?

also is this a good time to add nutes? put 0.5 EC of PF motherplant/vegging nutes?

All answers will be an absolute treat for me, please drop a line if you have anything you can say to help me become the dankest danksta! thank you!

(a bit paranoid with pic taking so im sadly going to have to past that for now)

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I went to the Hydro store in the end and he found out the problem, my PH meter had issues, and he replaced it with a new one, i hope my plants recover the stunt of being in a PH of 7,5 - 8,0  for over a week now, they look all good just a bit stunt, never grew that much since i put them in the buckets(5 days ago, likely because of pH problems)

Well does all this stunt effect the yield and quality to my plant or is it just likely that a week of extra recovery will only be my issue?

Over all wish me luck guys!

dank u vriendelijk


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Hello man good to read you found a solution!

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