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CONTEST - Best Summer Photo !!

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Welcome friends to the monthly contest, Green House Seeds Experience!


On this occasion, we will make a photo contest dedicated to the best SUMMER pics, where appear a plant or bud (fresh or dried) of Green House  or Strain Hunters. It is also valid to show fertilizer Powder Feeding (large or sample size, all are valid). A packet of seeds is also valid only ask that you be a summer picture.


A photo of summer can be a pic in a beach, sun, a photo in a swimsuit, a cold beer .... have to add any component to the picture to make it a summer photo.



  • Who can participate?
  • Any person registered in the forum, which meets the standards of the forum they can participate.


  • When the contest begins and how long?
  • The contest is monthly. Each 30 days we will start a new contest, themed differently. 

  • In this case, the contest begins July 25 and ends on August 25.


  • How and when the winner is chosen?
  • The winner is chosen by public vote, is valid not vote for yourself.

  • Voting will begin once the contest ended in force and will last for 7 days.

  • All user of forum can do a vote


  • What is the prize?
  • The prize is a € 100 bonus web, to spend on any of our websites, (Greenhouseseeds.nl - Strainhunters.com-Powderfeeding.ch)

  • You can order seeds, clothing, merchand, nutrients, etc .... Shipping costs are borne by the company. We no send seeds to USA, Canada and Australia








  • How to participate?
  • Post your best summer photograph, regarding our company, GH, PF or SH

  • If you do not want to post your picture, modesty or simply maintain your privacy, you can send it via private message, or by mail (jose@greenhouseseeds.nl putting as a concept, Competition Green House), and we will post it for you, keeping your anonymity at all times (never published / revealed your nickname or data).


  • What photos are valid?
  • Any original and creative SUMMER photograph of a Green House, Strain Hunters or Powder Feeding are valid.

  • The photos must be your own, original, and if in doubt, ask the originality of it is proved. No valid photographs worth of others, or photographs taken of the network, etc ... we reserve the right to request additional photos, in case of winning to verify authenticity.

  • You can post them in this thread, or send them by mail or private, if you want your nick is unknown.

  • You should discuss your photo, say that variety is, as it has grown, etc ... the information is good.

  • Only Is valid  submit one photo per person


  • What is the maximum size for the photograph?
  • There is no maximum size. We reserve the right to resize for the images.


  • Which prize is awarded to the winner?
  • A web bonus of 100 € to spend on our websites. Shipping charges are for own.






Greetings and good luck to everyone s Participating!    :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:


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hello green house, i want to participate. but i have a question. Im growing my first plant. but it has nothing to do regarding to your company. can i still send the pic and participate?


Sorry friend, only strains of Green House or Strain Hunters are valid in this contest. 

Maybe in the next contest, rule change, we'll see.



Good photos friends, remember you should express esperitu summer! 
Not just a photo of a plant is valid, the photo must tell it's summer! 
Greetings!  :beach:
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Great Ibliz! Very good photo lol  

Only one pic for person. 


The photos for the contest should be posted here in this thread. 
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this is a white strawberry in power feeding all in one



it is my first time  :pioneersmoke:  :) 


if the above has not enough summer spirit may be this is better (let me know)



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Yeow! 112 F

Lo sentimos, i estaría utilizando GJHS pero es todavía un tiempo antes de ustedes chicos se ponen a la nevada ..... imaginar si yo estaba usando, aunque ..


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Hello mates, 


The rules are very simple, who do not comply can not participate.


@berrystraw  only one pic per user

@kpat21  summer pics


Photos must be summer, when you see a photo that I know that has been taken in summer. You can add elements typical summer, details or scenarios. 


The photos that not convey the summer sensations , will not be exposed in the vote ;)




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Lol Undutched! Don't you dare to call my flowerbomb fluffy! It is harder than your cock! :D Be positive, trust yourself, and enter a nice picture! Here only the participants can vote! ;)

Peace, Love, THC

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Lol Undutched! Don't you dare to call my flowerbomb fluffy! It is harder than your cock! :D Be positive, trust yourself, and enter a nice picture! Here only the participants can vote! ;)

Peace, Love, THC

This time, the voting is done by all forum users :)



That's a good question ? Is it permitted to modify the pics ??

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To be honest i liked the participants only version. I remember when i won last time a newbie made his pals(or his own other profiles) vote on him, even tho they never wrote a post. This way he had more votes than me, but thanks to that rule finally i won with more VALID votes. So i think some kind of restriction is good to have...

Also Undutched would have no reason complaining! hehe

So think about it Jose, or please let me know your toughts about it.Thanks!


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Nice pics amigos 


Será una interesante encuesta;) 


Sí, he pensado en ello y, obviamente, no vamos a contar los votos de las personas sin publicaciones o recién registrado. Pero esta vez queremos todo el foro para participar con su voto, vamos a experimentar que esto funciona :) 




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