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CONTEST - Best Summer Photo !!

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Lol Undutched! Don't you dare to call my flowerbomb fluffy! It is harder than your cock! :D Be positive, trust yourself, and enter a nice picture! Here only the participants can vote! ;)

Peace, Love, THC

If you think that is a bud you entered than that is true, but it is only my personal opinion that it wasnt the best bud entered among others mine was way bigger and better. Too bad some wear the wrong glasses and voted one of the worst entries from that contest as the winner, sorry man nothing personal. Jose had a way better entry, Atrox and even less known members, done a better job.

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It's even too bad for GHSC I have a sog on rockwool slabs going on and it's huge considering; footprint related yield wise. I decided not to enter it due to the nature of the contests here!

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My monster outdoor Kalashnikovaauto autoflowers with powderfeeding, summer is dodging the rain and trying to avoid mould


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