GH Powder Feeding with bennies?

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Hello to you all.. I 've been using Hesi and AN in soil for several crops but decided to switch to PowderFeed after seeing results from a friend. (lower yield but better quality).

So, many bottles have left unopened and my questions are:

is it safe to use some beneficial microbes along with the PowderFeed or the chemicals will kill the microherd, so it will be pretty useless to do?

is it safe to wisely add some of the organic additives like Mother Earth Super Tea?

is it safe to use some humic and fulvic acid?

and finally, is it safe to use a bit of a booster like BigBud Powder, as long as you stay within the desired EC level?

..Just trying for a little more yield..

Thanks in advance

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Hello Man, glad to read you decided to switch after seeing your friends grow ;)


For your questions, the Powderfeeding really has been designed to work by itself, alone, there is a blance in the nutrient that makes it works very nicely by itself and allows a good feeding of the plant without overfeeding. adding some additives, organic or mineral, is definitly safe it will not kill your plant, but it is not particurly recommended, first because like you said, an organic booster i dont think will work at its best mixed with the mineral component, and second becaus you will have to be extra careful with the dosage ;) dont forget to go down on the dose of PF if you decide to add anything else. But by doing this you take the risk that the plant will not benefit fully of the food in the PF if you put it down, food that might, or might not be in the bottle you wil add to the PF. so you will have to do your homework correctly and make sure to not miss anything.


But  like the slogan said, Keep it simple ;) I suggest you try one time alone and one time with additives, from clones if you can if no it doesnt really have a good comparative value ^^ And make your idea ;) you will find a lot of reports on the forum of both cases, and both work :)


Have a good day!

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Hello Dust, thanks for answering.

Been searching in the forum for similar cases but haven't found, so any link or guidance are welcomed..

The extras I plan to use are: VoodooJuice, Piranha and Tarantula (beneficial microbes and fungi), Carboload (just sugars and refined mollases to feed the microbes), Organic-B (B vitamin supplement), Mother Earth Super Tea (some kelp and alfalfa tea), and Ancient Earth (humic and fulvic acid).

I was thinking something more like "rotation", so I would not have to cut back on PF (maybe a little, later using BigBud).

Something like watering one day with PF, next watering some microbes with sugars and vitamin, next goes with PF again, and maybe once a week some tea.

I also plan to use Ancient Earth as PH-down due to its humics, instead of using citric acid all the time (my tap water is PH 8.5 and EC 0.25).

So, any opinion on combining all these?

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