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Cheese quake x purple maroc. Early finishing outdoor high grade

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A project I have spent 2 years on, this is 3rd generation. This is the most uniform and the keeper for the next and final cross back with original C Q male. Flowering began early July. Aiming for harvest between 7th-21st September. It will be a seed harvest rather than sensi. Next year I am going to grow the seeds from this and hopefully have a stable outdoor skunk for uk growers FINALLY. Who knows, perhaps available to the masses in a year, let's see. Enjoy the ride. Il keep checking back to answer questions and mingle. Peace. X





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Well i hope it will work good for the UK weather, and for you ;)


Thanks for sharing i will keep around to check how it develops :)

Have a good grow

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Sounds interesting mate, thanks for compatir :) 


I'm curious to see the development of flowering, buds, taste and smell;) 




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Il keep the thread running Jose and will be sure to answer questions you want answers to. For the first one, buds had a slow start but put them into greenhouse and same day gave a big Nutel feed and ph'd the feed. This seems to have done the trick as the buds are really starting to take off. Very sativa bud growth, leaves seem more cheesy while bud development seems to take its heritage from the Moroccan side with a hint of cheese. The smell went almost tomato like from lemony and now has a cheesy earthy smell. But the cheese smell is definitely strongly there. Pictures to follow later on today.

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If you edit your first message in the thread and click on "more reply options" you will see the place to modify your title ;)

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