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For those who Are just checking in, this thread is continued from cheese quake x purple maroc in the breeding and outdoor forums. This is the thread I will be updating so stay tuned!

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haha well the photography are not that awfull, it is more the upside down that makes them dificult to see ;) Try to rotate them before uploading, click right on your mouse on the picture should open a "modify" option and you can rotate easily, even with the viewer in windows normally ;)


Have a good grow man thanks for the pics tho ;)

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She is on full powder feed 10 litres powder feed dose 10 mil flower boost and she is not showing any signs of it being to much. She gets 2 full nute feeds with one flush between. So 30 litres a week 20 being loaded with nutes.









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the plants in outdoor usually love the PF ;) and so far it seems she is following the same path :) Nice bud building up it should be nice tight lolipops in the end.


Have a good grow man

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