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Kalashnikova Auto Oudoor in NL

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Wanted to share a few pictures of this freak Kalashnikova Autoflower , has been topped once and is 200cm tall . Had a handful of seeds I found in the Kalashnikova auto I grew outside last year. 78 days old today.













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Nice monster kalash :) gonna need some support it seems haha ;) And if she gets some good suns she should turns in niice :)


Thanks for sharing man have a good grow!

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haha you got a big one there hey :P :P

Thanks for the news man nice to see them shading like this ;) Autumn is here and buds are coming :)


Have a good end of grow

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Thanks for the news man, good to see they turned out with nice buds :) How is the smoke yet did you try any?


Have a good end of grow with the rest ;)

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Hi gaz! really a great job..beautiful plants!!

Great gaz yeahhhh

thanks bro, currently my favourite autoflower strain
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Wow, possibly one of the largest Auto Kalash I've seen, but I think it was worth ... 135gr .... congratulations !! 


Have a great pint, good color bud (no excess), I am sure that your taste will be very good too. 


Thank you for sharing !! ;)

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Hi Gaz my friend!!

Long time no see ;-)

Very impressive plant and by far the talest Kalashnikova Auto I ever saw

Enjoy it! :yahoo:

You know where I am if you want to sample it . Or will be up for the cup of your about

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