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Hi friends!!


There is little time to begin the next fair cannabis, Expogrow 2014 in Irun (Basque Country). 
We will be there as every year, with a lot of surprises and good smoke .....
The Green House Seeds Co. team will be there to greet you, answer questions and show you all the news in our booth.
Arjan, the King of Cannabis, also will be there, as always, to greet all good weed growers. Come visit and enjoy a good time with all team of Green House and Strain Hunters !!
You can find us in Hall C, Stand 18 Remember, 18 C
See you there !!   :party:
More info about expogrow in:  http://www.expogrow.net/
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Well friends, the countdown begins !! 


The next Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be in Irun !! Hope to see you there and share with you good smoke !!





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yipiii ;) See you all on Friday for those that will be able to come :) I will try to make some nice vids for all the ones not coming :)



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Hi friends!!


Some pics of expogrow today :)  in a low moment.... Dust (bro) put some amazing videos!!


Come all to stad 18C , all team are here!!




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Helloo everybody! Writing to you form the Spannabis with all the team, Arjan, Franco, Jose.gh for the photos, and all the rest of the family :)


This 3rd Edition of the Expogrow Irun is starting very nice! With a beautiful weather, not like last year for those who remember :P

So in a few moments Jose will start to update some photos for you fellows ;) I will do my best to try to put the videos, but like always the connection is a little bit problematic here!


The usual booth are here, rippers seeds, dinafem, sensi, kannabia and it goes on and on :) but the outdoor part as changed a little bit this year with a hugee Canna tent protecting the music scene in case of rain, or just protecting form the sun in case of sun which appears to be usefull today hehe ;) And the usuall food booth smelling incredibly good at the moment i am righting this!! I think im gonna have to take something haha ;)


 i will come back later for an update :)



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Hello Hunters, here again for the Second Day! :)


Yesterday has been a beautiful sunny day all day long without evem a cloud, perfect atmosphere for a good expo :)  And the nice little comic show performed by 2 girls in the afternoon relaxed even more the mood! Nice performance, i have a quick video of it some kind of burlesque cabaret, and then they were followed by many diferent music shows taking place on both scene, The Canna scene being the big one, and Kannabia and positronics i think have another smaller one where was performing some Spanish singers, pretty nice and i have a little video of it too when youtube will allow me to connect to the account xD


Today i will make video of the booths to show you a little bit who is here, i noticed yesterday a Botanicare booth which i havent seen yet, and few other little novelties with LEDs and things like this. i will try to spot all this and make videos :)


And Tonight Macka B in Live on the main scene, this is announcing a good day and night :)


We keep you updated!

Cheers Hunters

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Hi friends!!


Today all family are here!! Arjans, Olaf, Marcel, Franco, Mr.X, Dani, Jose, Ed, Mike, Indy, Jan.......  Come to Green House Stand in #expogrow Irun 2014!!  Big hug to Dani, Edi and rest of people not here :)























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Thank you for posting all the pics Jose!


Yes the Expogrow is over and everybody went home, still have a few videos to upload but that account problem is not solved xD


But the expo has been great like every year one of my fav, a great team in the organization, great people, very decontracted mood from all the customers and visitors, full of sun almost all weekend with a little bit of seconds of rain in the Sunday but nothing that can not be handled :)

No price for GHS and SH this year unfortunatly, some 4th place but the competition was hard  :)

Congratulations to all the winners! and to our Friend from The Weed Club for their 3rd place in the Clubs cup.


The Live shows have been very nice, i have missed Macka B unfortunatly.. next time ;)


Thanks to everybody that came on the booth say hi and that will by here eventually ;) And as soon as the videos work i will share this with you guys :)


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Great weekend in Irun (Basque Country) !! 


Many friends came to visit the stand (hugs) and many people to learn about new varieties of Strain Hunters and Green House. 


We hope to see you soon at the next Expo !!  :fans:


















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Yo hunters!!  So the youtube problem is solved! Better late than never sorry for the delay!


So this is just a simple video of the outdoor zone of 1mn in front of the Reggae Sound system, they had some amazing sounds all weekend everytome i was passing in front made me move my ass haha ;)


I am rendering another lil video i made this morning of the expo, and will keep making some during the coming days and upload them :)





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And the video showing a little bit the expo and the Day 1 and 2. I keep editing a little bit today to show you the exterior and more if i have time :)


As you will see in the video a lots of company were here, Botanicare, Sublimator with the visit of Marc Emery (Prince of Pot) on their booth on the video, Ripper Seeds, our good friends from the Weed club of course, and more

On the saturday we had an amazing 4:20 time with Emilio from the Sublimator (who won the best product prize) making a nice Smokebox, or aquarium however you wanna call it ;) ,  in the Powderfeeding Mini with MrX and The Weed Club. Great memories :) 


And as usual Arjan and Franco have been very busy making interviews for various TV teams, Herbies, Pot tv, underground tv, ... And meeting the fans making photos and talking, a classic expo :D


See you laters ;)


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and lets keep on the good way ;) Here are some little macro shots and Close ups on some glass pipes, Ice o lator, and few buds :)


Thanks to Lars from Smoking Gear Shop for the Glass, and to our friends for the samples of weeds and hash ;)

Press the Full HD button and relax it is the chill out moment ;)




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