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     Im involved in the production/distribution of CBD EVERYTHING(edible, dermal, ice cream LOL, shampoo, etc.). Just wondering if anyone on this sight has had any personal diseases/ailments helped by either edible CBD oil with or w/o THC, that's a very important fact as studies have shown the two have a symbiotic relationship, preliminarily at least. Baked off that earl almost went on a tangent, So if anyone has any stories that they would care to share it would help my knowledge of which ailments such as anxiety or muscle ache or serious Cancer the products work best for.  Please add your stories not only for my personal research but for the benefit of those that are not aware of CBDS and their effectiveness on pretty much EVERY disease and/or ailment that they have been tested on. Seriously... Please add more if you have ANY experiences with them god or bad?

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This week I experienced elimination of some spasms I was having in my upper back.  That was from a 15mg CBD capsule.  I have a pretty serious lower back injury.  


I can also take a CBD capsule with an edible that will normally get me quite high and I get all the medical benefits of the CBD and the edible yet I'm not too high to be at work.  

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