powder feeding,. HELP FAST

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im off away and my feed arrives late tonight, powderfeed GH indica for autos, 

my partner is gona have to mix and water them for me whiel im away but she doesnt know anytign about growing or ph...

my question is i have water in a 5litre bottle form 3 days ago been airating for feeding... its at 5.8 ph if i get her to weigh out the right amoutn on the scales (5gram) can she pour it in, shake it and water withotu needing to chek ph??

they say ya dotn need to on there guide..but i dotn wana say do it and then see its spiked my ph thru the roof when im home??

so does gh powder effect ph or wil it stat the same??

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hi i used about 6--8g in 10l and my water had a ph of 8.5 - 9 before i added pf after i added it had ph about 6,2-6,4 so it might get acidic when u allready have a ph of 6 (5, 8). someone should know this.


after reading dust's reply i remember i corrected ph before adding.

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When i used the PF with my water it took the ph sliiightly down like 0,1 or 0,2 max.  What kind of ph tester do you have if it is an electronic one it should not be too dificult to check even for a novice :)


And in 5L i would put more around 4g it depends in what stage they are, if in veg around 3g, if in flowering 4 to be safe, 5 will bring the EC around 1,9 depending on your water.

Good luck man

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You should always check the PH after mixing it well and wait say 10 min.

My water is 6.2-6.3 most of the time. 10L mixed with 10g makes it 5.8-5.9. Then I have to bring it down slightly to 5.6 , when in veg (using GH Hybrids). Now in flower - it's just right.

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