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hello there :)

my name is Ownedage from where? Portugal :D 

I'm 21 years old...

I started smoking tabacco when I was 16 to try weed... yes i know, thats stupid but I was 16 and need to learn first how to inhale xD 
Then Since all my friend were smoking tabacco I continued (yes i got addicted to that sh#T ) I started smoking in september 2009 and in november i was tryng weed for the first time... on my 18 i think I was allready a regular user... but of Hashish from marocco...
then the hash started becoming soap bar ...  why? because of the fronteirs between spain and marocco -.-"

In portugal its very hard now to get really good, good stuff... weed (can be moldy , baddly dried and cure , our they even use things like heat to dry them up )
hash is tottally soap bar... instead of tastyng like hash taste like pine oil lol 

Then me and my brother start to see strain hunters expeditions... kind of big fans xD

so we start to growing to have our own stuff...

Right now im unemployed :(  ex military , also i studied photografy and moviemaking 

I hope be welcome on this big community...

Sorry for my bad english , i bit rusty on the writting xD

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Welcome to the forum mate, 


Thank you for sharing your experience with marijuana, we hope to share knowledge about culture, photos, etc ... 


Greetings! ;)

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Welcome on the forum man!


And dont worry for your english it is very good ;) Hope you will enjoy the forum as much as the expeiditions, and share with us a little bit of your growing ;)

I know what you mean for the soap bar, at some point in France the same hapened, you cans till find good hash if you know the good people, but the price are usuallypretty high.. Better to grow for yourself like you do :)


If you have any problem on the forum dont hesitate to ask a mod for help!

Have a good discovering of the place

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yes... you can find good weed also in here in local dealers ... but its like a game ... sometimes is good sometimes it really SUCKS xD 
about the hash now its really really hard to get the good stuff... its allways cutted with something... even culero hash it's really hard to find and also expensive....

Well I got to admit, the big master is my brother... is the one who teach me somethings about weed  and a lot of technics to get the good stuff ;)

when I search for something teach him its like a team xD

yes... im gonna start post some photos , videos also ... 

pretty good stuff to share,,, 

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