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Hello everyone,

So im in the process of getting all my my Indoor grow equipment together and i got some doubts that i have to clear before i start.

This is my Set Up 

x12 1000W Hortilux Super HPS 145,000 lumens per bulb

x12 Sun Systems ballast Hard Core HPS/MH 1000 Watt 120/240 volt 

x12 Vertizontal Reflectors 48"

x1 CO2 titan atlas 2 Controler / tank regulator 

x1 340CFM 6" Inline fan with PHRESH Silencer and Carbon Filter

x1 HydroLogic 200RO system.


Now that being said here are my questions.

1) im about to  buy Humboldt nutrients, is this a good line of nutrients ? 

2) Ill Be using 3gallon pods, How much water with nutrients is recommended per watering using the 3 gallon soil pods? And how to keep that NPK level on the desired %?. Was told  to use Clay pellets because they have a NPK % of neutral and the plant feeds better. Should i use Soil or Clay Pellets? 

3) What will be the recommended amount of plants to put under each  48" reflector and how much space is recommend between plant?

4)Should i get this titan controls helios 18 12-light 240v controller with dual trigger?  and  get 2 240v timers apart to activate the light cycles?

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1) Use Powder feeding it´s the best.

2) read on the back of the bottle, it will say how you need to mi your blend. If you gonna use clay pallets you need to flush them first and flush them good.

3) Hard to say.

4) Yes


Good luck buddy..

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1: Humbolt is a great product and solid and does what they promise. How ever, if you are new to growing Cannabis i would go with something simpler. Powder feed is simple but there are many brands out there that are simple. I had good runs with powder feed but i'm not to happy with the final yields. I lift more from my bushes when i use let say, advance nutes or Canna(or something similar to those)
For a first few runs i would perhaps use Ghsc powder feed because it's that simple.

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How big is the grow space bro. 12000w of light is a lot for just 1x 6" fan to control the heat. Do you have air conditioning?

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