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South Africa on the brink of legalizing (Please help us!!)

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Hi all,


A quite a remarkable man who became a unlikely caudate for legalising marijuana in South Africa put forward a Bill in parliament that will allow the use for marijuana for medicinal purposes.


You can see the vid here Youtube ==> /watch?v=6A2GInEEfy8


The new bill was put forward by Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini a man that was diagnosed with stage four, inoperable lung cancer. The bill was subsequently requested by Jacob Zuma, the South African president to be reviewed by our minister of heath.

So you might ask why this post? Well its simple, we are so close but there is some opposition by ignorant people with those typical  pseudoscience idea's that are based on lies and myths, I don't heed to list them I'm sure everyone is aware of them!!

It's in my opinion that due to the internet we can fight this and help each other combat the prohibition of a nature and harmless substance!! Also not forgetting that unlike many countries South Africa and also many other African countries have marijuana embedded into their culture and only due to the evils of colonel rules was it banned!! This go's without say apartheid, institutionalized racism that was cruel and evil. Just like the USA, marijuana was criminalization for the soul purposes of disenfranchising the masses. 


Ok another point that's worth pointing out is that we have a huge population  that live on less than a Dollar a day and are undernourished and are in poor health, this could be easily combated by allowing people to grow marijuana as a cash crop!! We have a perfect client to grow high quality marijuana with little infrastructure and export around the world!! In my opinion it's a no-brainier and I can honestly say that that is the reason for most of the crime that isn’t that bad but does exist!


So last of all and once again please Strain-Hunter and this fine community help us not just me but the whole of this fine land "South Africa" It's a truly wonderful land with wonderful people!!

Thank you

Dan Oak AKA Greentide

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