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Christmas and Weed - New contest !!

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Welcome friends, get ready for a new monthly contest held by Green House Seeds Experience:   The.....   Special  Christmas Editio!!   :santablack:  :santablack:  :santablack::santaclaus:
In this new competition we want you to send us photos related to two of our favorite things: cannabis and Christmas. They can be anything including photos with plants, buds, joints, vaporizers, etc. just as long as they in some way include the Christmas spirit.
The photographs must be completely original and copyright free. They can be fun, sentimental or even a little sexy. Any photos that do not meet the requirements will be eliminated from the competition.
  • Who can participate?
  • Any person registered to the forum, as well as anyone who can register and meet forums standards can participate.
  • When will the contest begin and how long will it go?
  • Every thirty days we will start a new contest with different themes. Like our other contests this particular one will last about a month and begin on November 26 and end on January 1.


  • How and when the winner is chosen?
  • The winner is chosen by public vote, and all users in the forum can participate. Voting will begin once the contest has ended and the voting period will last for seven days. Keep in mind it is not permitted to vote for yourself.
  • What is the prize?
  • The prize is a web credit worth 100 €, to spend on any of our websites which include Greenhouseseeds.nl, Strainhunters.com, and Powderfeeding.ch. You can order seeds, clothing, merchandise, nutrients, and much, much more with no shipping costs. Please understand we do not however ship seeds to the USA, Canada, or Australia.





  • How I can participate?
  • All you have to do is post your best cannabis and Christmas-themed photo. If you do not want us to publicly post your picture you can send it via private message, or by email to jose@greenhouseseeds.nl. If you do not want your submission to be public we will keep your anonymity at all times and never publish or reveal your forum handle or personal information.
  • What photos are valid?
  • Any and all FUNNY, SEXY or CREATIVE photos are valid, just as long as they include something related to ganja and Christmas. However, all photos must be your own and original. No photos whose copyright belong to someone else will be considered. We reserve the right to request additional photos or any other necessary information to verify your photos authenticity if your submission is in the running to win.
  • You can post your submission in this thread, or you can send it via email or private message. Please, be sure to state whether or not you want your handle to be publicly known. We would appreciate it if you caption your photo with information about the strain of cannabis you’ve photographed and any other fun information which might be relevant. Also, all photos must be titled.

          Note: only one photo per person may be submitted.

  • What is the maximum size for the photograph?
  • There is no maximum size, but we reserve the right to resize images at our discretion.
  • Which prize is awarded to the winner?
  • A web credit of 100 € to spend on our affiliate websites. With every order the shipping will be covered by us.


         Note: We reserve the right to publish any photographs to our facebook page and Instagram account.

Seasons greetings and good luck to everyone who plans on participating!    :brunette:

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Nice pic  greed4weed!!

Is a original pic or a Mounting with photoshop?

Assemblies pictures are not allowed, only allowed to use photoshop (or similar) to cut, clarity, light, etc ... But is not valid add items.
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