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Auto Skunk from GHS by Pi2

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I'd like to Wecome new Strain in our collection.

Auto Skunk

Genetics: Skunk x Ruderalis (feminised) | 60% indica - 30% sativa - 10% ruderalis

Height: 90-120 cm total height. Large, tall plant with internodes averaging between 8 and 12 cm.

Flowering Indoor:
7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 0.8 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per m2
(with 1000W HPS). 9 weeks total crop time.

Let's start...

Stage 1: Day 7 (Seedling)

Plain water in soil under 4 pins neons 110W 6500K color...

Click on Pic to ZoOm:-)






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Day 21 from seed.

I have moved them after 10 days of seedling..to 16L pots (but filled up to 3/4 only around 11L of Soil) for 14 days ...to get some roots.

Still growing under 4 pin 110W neons...and show some pre-flowers now!

I'll move SkA1 i SkA2 to Flower Room on Moday...under 400W HPS. (cool climate condition) and start feeding regime:

Fertilize PF(Short Flowering Plants)= EC 1.0

Have a look..Clik on Pic to ZoOm:(Just on tap water feed)





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Love the first pic :) The babies are looking good and happy still :)

Thanks for the news man hope the flowering will go well :)


HAve a good grow

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looking beautiful man, nice sharp leaves kind of looking like the skunk ones so far :) Lets see how the buds look once finished :D But looks on good way ;)


Have a good grow keep us updated!

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yeah a little extra week of rinsing and ripening will do her, and you, good ;) She looks nice man seems like the buds have formed nicely since last time!


Have a good end of flowering

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Day 72..

Fresh after chop chop today... Just budsss..very  very nice and stickyy

158g. of Skunk...

Thanks Hunters. Thank You Green House Seeds for nice One :)

Have a look.. Click on Pic to ZoOm :)



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congratulation on the harvest man! 158g should give you around 50 60gr dry which is a pretty nice yeild, and i hope the smoke will be good as well :D


Have a good drying dont forget our little dry bud porn ;) And see you on the next session i hope :)

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hehe well here i have the extra shots i asked in your other threads ;)

Looking tasty man love those tones :)


Have a good smoke ;)

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What kind of a high do skunk auto from GHS give you? I'm interested in growing these after my current.

Also you leave a lot of leaf on there? I just trimmed mine and cut of way more then that (I've put it in the freezer tho)

Turn on from pheno -short or long..then from your light, nuts, soil or hydro are u adv grower or just GrowforFun...I'll always leave small sugar leafs with crystals because I'm to poor to throw out a good staff as simply to cut off(I grow for myself) also when they dry and cure them small leafs are "SUCK IN" to the bud :D

As You can see on Macro Pic1 is a lot of resin glands...

You trim more??? Great!  

and the last....smoke..

Smoke of that strain is great ! True indica...sleepy feeling.( Last week we have small smoking party one of my friends try that staff(he don't smoke much,just once a month or so) after 2nd joint and 1 beer he put his head down and just turn off and follow sleep in sitting position,then me and other friend took him upstairs to his bed :D

Funny story...at the morning he was fresh and laughed with us about it.

3 weeks after Harvest - HER 21 day  of drying/curing (Picture done today)


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was that 400 or 1000 watt? what light circle? I find the harvest a little low.

400W and around 15C..very cold and very wintry conditions...around 6C at night time at my tent( some other strains will not survive...don't try)( Summertime You get more yield for sure) and light just 12 H...

My harvest or yours?? :D

PS. Testing now 16H this same strain and conditions..Let You know soon...

hello friend.

can you tell me about your drying technique(3 weeks ?)


I have done open drying for around 7 days then I keep weed in the airtight glass jar and open daily...and testing :)   After  21 days(drying+curing)  weed is far stronger and tasty..

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