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Skunks - flushing


Bluberries, Karibena - week 8




Is that normally on PF?, or better change solution to Ripen.

In skunks i used it (ripen)

Need idea...


really giant pussy :girlcrazy:


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Hi, Mates!

Lifetime of this Lemon Skunk genegation is over.

I love skunk!

The most quality of the bud mass i got on PF in this grow.

About 200 gramms of dry weight per plant +-

Full taste, very strong stone, blur in my mind and she talks with me!

Each time, when  harvest is gone, buds in my refrigerator she wanna talk with me.

She, He, We Are. I&I know. Jah is the ruler!


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Thanks for sharing the pics man! seems like the plant ended with a nice score and some ncie buds, next time a little bit more flushes during your flowering cycle like it is advised in the Grow videos and you should avoid the tip burns ;)


Have a good smoke!

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Thanks, friends.

I find my mistake.

It was high EC  level on 4-5-th week of flowering.

Second one, UNBALANCED solution by ionic +- when i was used GHE BLOOM.

In this situation my plants has moved they living juices to the side  of roots, cause osmotic preesure was in reverse (sorry by my english)


My opinion:  PF is good to use on 1.0-1.1 EC Level on coco substrate. In my PF bag its about 0.55-0.7 gramms in 70/30 RO / water. Most of the plants no need more.

RO need to use Ca+Mg. (I have no CalMag+) Canna Ca simple with RO water - not goood. Canna Ca+ MgSo4*7H2O- better but not,  well ( ops?

If you are no good understans chemystry (like me) better no mix PF with PF or PF with anything else.






See You!

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Last photos of this grow session.

Blueberry 3 (seed of DP) Small production, trunk was infected. found inside

P1110579 1

Bluberry 2,1 (clones of seed 2  that was dyied) All time session problems.
A lot of a  strong ganja  with avaible taste,  the most  result that i can get from this seeds.


Kariben'a (Kannabia) Demo present.
Cool. Sweet. A lot of

P1110595 1

P1110598 1

Be  high!
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