sweet mango auto (Greenhouse seeds) "newbie test"

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Hello Hunters,

this is my first report. I am grateful if your pointing me of any mistakes.

I have so far considered only a handful of plants, so I'm a newbie.


I start the test with a 80x80x160cm Darkroom.

As a light source, I use a 250w NDL / HPS and 2 fans.

I use Compo Sana potting soil with a complete set of Plagron.


My choice of the seed fell on 5x Skunk auto (Strainhunters) and 5x sweet mango auto (Greenhouse seeds).

I have all the seeds germinated before yesterday, today was the final finishing. All are open and potted.


So happy :=)


Pictures are following after the little baby´s show their faces :=)









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Here are some updates:

4 of 5 Mango came out quickly... only 1 of 5 Skunk so far.

After they jump into the sky I refill the pott with new potting soil, to use the maximum size of the pots...

The plant in the box is 1 Diesel automatic from royal queen seeds... last ones I totally crashed...

I think it was too dry and hot under the NDL, so I dropped it now the first week under a usual 30w bedsidelamp next to my window.

I am very happy about any info and advices everybody can give me ;) !

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Good luck with those Ladies as well! Hope the Skunk will catch on quickly!



Have a good grow

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Hi man, good to see a new report.

I put a Sweet Mango outside, is 15 days away fro harvest and one thing is for sure, it stinks man, the Mango aroma is so intense, really nice.

When doing auto is a key for the success to use a really light soil to facilitate the roots development because the more the root grow bigger the plant become.

And when you work with a plants that range from only 20 to 30 days of vegetative period if you loose some time the plans will be smaller.

I will recommend you to mix the Compo Sana with a 30 % of coco fiber and to give root stimulator twice a week until the plant stops his stretching in the 1rst or 2nd week of the flowering.

And you can also use a 400watts there ;)

Take care, I hope this will help you.

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Hello Hunterz,

I hope you all had a good kickstart into 2015!

Here we go with some updates...


Temperature is on day about 26-29° and on night 16-19°...

The potting soil I use is between 6,5 - 7 ph.

I use regular crane water with a ph of 7,3 - 7,4... anybody has better advices?

The humidity was about 20-30%... then I bought an humidifier... now I have set the humidifier on lowest level about 80-90%. 

I am trying to find a way to hold it on 60%, I thought about a timeclock and let him only all 2 hours work for 15 minutes... Let´s see ...


The biggest plant is an Diesel automatic by the way, she got some light green stain on the pointed that normal? (5th week)


About the Skunk´s and Mango´s : All seeds germinated well and came out within a week.

Only a few seeds didn´t opened and I needed to give obstetics to them... is this the reason why the germ leaves went yellow? 



What is your favourite? Green sensation or Pk 13-14?


Greetz and thank you everyone :=)












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Hello Frangh, 

thank you for your reply.

I use Plagron enzymes in the first weeks... should I use both or only power roots?

I will take a look about that coco fiber for sure...

Anyway this is the 3th grow with this lamp... next time I buy a new one to have a fresher light aswell... but the problem is my ballast is only for 250w..

Greetz so far and thank you very much :)

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for the tips getting yellow it is probably a light overfeeding or light burns, but probably overfeeding seeing how dark the leaves look, how do you feed the plants? Every watering? If yes better at this stage feed her one time and then 2 times water only or something like this adjusting depending on if the plant is hungry or no, you will see it if you look closely at the leaves daily.


for the PK i prefered to use the Green sensation personally i think it is at 9-10 if i remember correctly, which seems fairly enough to me to give a little boost to the plants ;) but i havent tried the PK 13-14 in comparison grow to tell you one is better or not sorry.


Have a good grow man

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Hi man, how are you.

Listen the enzymes are good to decompose all the death roots in the substrate, they use this death roots to produce minerals and sugar for the plant.

This process is also beneficial because if the death root are not decomposed they can bring fungal diseases to the plant.

I start using the enzymes when the roots has colonized well the pot.

I would use your root stimulator once or twice a week.

Take care.

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Hello everyone :=) 

thanks for your answers.


I water every 2-3 days. Of thesis, only every 2nd time with fertilizer. I use it only half the amount Indicated on the bottle.

I use Relatively good soil. I have used up the remains of my Composana bag. Now I use only Plagron Bat mix.

Maybe that's why They Are overfeeded?!


I decided to run all with Green sensation. On 1 plant I will try to Pk 13 14th


Enzymes I use every 2nd times from the 3 or 4 week of growth. Also a little bit less then Indicated on the bottle.

I have no root stimulator, but comes. Until Which week would you take him?


Unfortunately, my leaves some problems have occurred.

I will go and not feed for a week, but what are the yellow spots?


Thanks for your help!






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Hi man how are you.

I never used the plagron Bat mix, but I guess is similar to the guanokalong soil wich have plenty of bat guano.

Regarding that necrotic spot in your plant, how are the humidity levels? 

Take care.


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