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This is not about landraces but ...

1/How many Skunk, Nothern lights or White widow is there on the market at different prices? 2/Who created it for the really first time (who accept or not to let it use by other companies)? 3/Would it be better to buy the strain to the breeder who invented it, to the seller who first sold it?

Of course there could be an association of breeders working on the same plant who could sell the same plant on the same name as a partnership. Or it would be only allowed to sell a White widow, a Somango or a Super silver haze adding another one to it, like Brazil x White widow or Haze x super silver haze, and with another name in order to not surf on the name of the Original one. What do you think?... At least changing the name.

Should there be a Copyright on strains? (like music, movies, clothes, ect...) Or not?

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You can't patent or copyright strains I am a (selfnamed)breeder and I also understand that this plant is here for everyone a copyright is way too financially greedy if you want it to be rare one of a kind do as everyone else has and keep it yourself as you feel the need as clone reveal it to the world! Keep your seeds and you or your trusted caregiver can bx and s1 it. Just because it takes research to find the originals makes it so fun its like discovering history. What's so wrong with someone likeing your stuff so much they try and mimic it. (Take it as a compliment because its not worth your time to do it any other way)If they don't have the self respect to change the name or give the credit that shows the dignity of the company and its your choice to by it or not.

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And is it copyright on strain or seed. Because I could make the same cross and have totally different genetics from selection of different phenos use to cross of the parenting plants. And how do you copyright a seed with different phenos? You would have to have a name for each pheno and most companies out theredont take that much time to stabilize the genetics for many reasons and I like being able to pick phenos on most of my things anyway.

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dunno why my comments keep getting removed as i have not broken any rules i belive but ill try it again with a bit sharper words, i hope it sticks this time lol


no, not ever. it is extremely bad and inherently evil selfiss idea in every possible way you look at it, if you have any basic understanding of biological life form that is...


one reason is that canna breeders of today are mostly riding on the wave that started thousands of years ago when man got contact with the plant and started saving the seeds from plants that were more desirable for them than the others, moving and planting those seeds in new places and thus starting the artificial selection even if they didnt know what they were actually doing at all

and this process has continued thousands of years thru human history so i must say i find it extremely rude for any one man that has worked on the plant plant any number of years to tell he has actually improved it in some monumental way thru hes short life in the planet when the whole history is thousands upon thousands of generations in history...  it is well ignorant, selfish and greedy


i must admit there has been huge advances in breeding during modern history but not with our favorite plant, when you look at cannabis its still largely pollen chucking even in modern day and not true breeding in the full meaning of the word (just take a look at the subcool conversation about breeding in cannabis cup and you should get my point), many famous strains didnt have any hard work behind them at all just two plants crossed

just playing genetic lottery if you will not the same hard work tomato breeders, ornamental breeders or the banana breeder does...


 we are not getting any stable varietys like with other breeded plants, when you buy tomato or potato variety you dont get 3 different looking and tasting fruit


i dont think i even need to go in all the biological and genetic implications of this retarded idea and crazy legal aspects of it as that would prob make this in to a book.... you can go read what it is currently doing in usa and how patenting plants is ''helping'' humanity.   thanks monsanto  

thanks  luther burbank and thomas edison for starting the whole s***...   thank you capitalism lol

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I guess the "Game" sometimes just has a lack of imagination. i've count 21 strains called Skunk or 29 Northern Light without counting autos.

The subject is not arguing about phenos or variations; Different taste can be found such as the world famous Cheese or Orange bud apparently coming from a pheno of skunk #1 during the 90's, with such a different taste. Breeding is like art, wanting to explore many aspect of the plant, taking and choosing the best part of it, in taste, high, colour, weight. But if someone want to sell and commecialize a strain done 2 years ago or more, finding a new aspect of what has been worked and done already, he should imagine another name in my opinion.
Like in music, there is the Beatles, Pink floyd and there are the covers, musicians who sing the same music with even variations, but at least they don't call themself the beatles, they choose another name to show the difference, even if the songs are the same. And sometimes covers can be much better than the original such as some phenos can be found at the end much better than the original strain, with much more evolution; matter of taste.
For exemple once someone decided to commecialize the Blueberry, and  decide to show the sativa side of the plant calling it Blue Velvet while another one claimed to have crossed the Blueberry with the Northern light calling it Blue Mystic. There is no matter with this at all. The bubblegum can be call bubblegummer or bubblelicious, every one will anderstand it comes surely from the same plant; just a variation; but why wanting to have the same name?
It could be precise in the description, and everyone would anderstand it. This is not at all a reproach, just a perception.

Didn't want exactly to say "Copyright", but something like a "patent" maybe, in order to be more honest with the pioneer of the creation. How many Rihanna or Jason Mraz exist on earth? It is for sure allowed to paint like Rembrandt, but the painter won't be Rambrandt neither, so choosing another signature for his painting could be an option.

I think we are getting some real stable genetics, but not in general. Feminised seeds are really new, more or less 10 years only, while regular has been there since thousand of years. And i think feminised should be used to lock a pattern while Reg could still keep phenos and variations. In the future, S1, "Selfed" should be more use in order to keep  the plant the way the breeder wants to offer to the world, showing for real the pheno he has chosen. IBL was the best way to try to keep this specific identification of the plant, when there was just Regular seeds, and the Hindu Kush is a good exemple of it.

Phenos, variations, evolutions; there is nothing wrong with that. The cannabis was existing before giving it a name, even before that someone took the idea to use it in many form, from eating it to making incense of it in order to parfume the place of positives and high energies. One of the oldest record of using the plant was probably in the chinese culture, more than 5000 years ago. Egyptian also were using the plant even during the pharaons ect. Man has invented nothing in the biological way, but had the idea to cross them in order to combine taste, effect, height, weight, color, speed of grow. Without it, birds would never have bring strains from hawaii to Egypt.
But the trade of seeds was already there 1000 years ago anyway.

Good grow n smoke to everyone whatever your weed is named... :lol:

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you start with patents on strains you end up with something much more than that. As nature can not be patent without the lack of logic.....this is my example....according to this right here we can not legally use the medical benefits of CBC in our own gardens when it is the most abundant cannabinoid in the plant.....read this and you will stop trying to change something that has been like this for years




But they are selling it here for an outrageous price......


if you don't spend the time for research to find whats real and what not then let people do there fake shady business, learn to recognize it and stop trying to make something more complicated than it needs to be because you wuldnt have super silver haze if someone had a patent on NL Skunk or Haze  

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